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Mod Pi is a Senior Gameplay Programmer at Jagex. Mod Pi previously worked as a content developer for RuneScape, but was moved to become the lead developer of DarkScape until it was closed. He appeared in Game Jam (October 2018), where he worked on a design giving different unique effects to weapon types.

Roles[edit | edit source]

Role Date
Content Developer August 2011 - November 2012
Game Engine Developer November 2012 - May 2015
Gameplay Programmer May 2015 - October 2017
Senior Gameplay Programmer October 2017 - Present

Contributions[edit | edit source]

Unreleased[edit | edit source]

Media appearances[edit | edit source]

Bounty hunter Preview - RuneScapeLivestream25 October 2016
Combat 'Exposed'Podcast17 July 2014
Combat Council Q&A // RuneScape Weekly Stream (Jan 2021)Livestream20 January 2021
Combat Council Q&A with Mods Pi & RamenLivestream9 March 2022
Combat PodcastPodcast20 February 2014
DarkScape Developer Q&A - 4th NovemberLivestream5 November 2015
DarkScape Developer Q&A, 19/11Livestream19 November 2015
DarkScape!Podcast17 September 2015
Diversions, Distractions and DeathsPodcast28 May 2015
EoC Live Stream with Design Director Mod Mark and Mods Chris L and PiLivestream11 November 2012
God Wars Dungeon 2 - Zaros & Sliske Bosses - RuneScape Developer Q&ALivestream16 March 2016
God Wars Dungeon 2 Tales - RuneScape Developer Q&ALivestream2 March 2016
JMods talk about Combat, Content and more - General Q&A | RuneScape Weekly Stream (July 2021)Livestream7 July 2021
Legacy Combat - the BetaPodcast14 June 2014
Modcast Q&A - 5th OctLivestream5 October 2021
Ninja Team (podcast)Podcast21 May 2015
RS Ninja Team - Boss Pets, Wildywyrm and Combat Improvements!Livestream9 December 2014
RuneFest 2014: Chronicle, New Game RevealLivestream15 October 2014
RuneFest 2014: Welcome to RuneFestLivestream14 October 2014
RuneScape - God Wars 2 Developer Q&A #1Livestream13 March 2016
RuneScape 101: The Basics of CombatLivestream16 October 2020
RuneScape Content Showcase - GameJam (Oct 2018)Livestream24 October 2018
RuneScape Dev Q&A (Nov 2018) - Mining & Smithing, Combat, GameJam, RS Mobile, Skilling Cup and moreLivestream21 November 2018
RuneScape Developer Q&A - Combat CouncilLivestream18 November 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A - Elite NPC Teaser!Livestream21 July 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A - General Questions, Runecrafting Tease + Post Raids FeedbackLivestream15 July 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A - ft. Mod OsborneLivestream28 July 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A with Addy + Rune Dragons PreviewLivestream10 June 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A with Beach Party TeaserLivestream17 June 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A with D&D Improvements Showcase!Livestream12 May 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A with Exclusive Raids TeaserLivestream23 June 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A with Grand Exchange and Vampyre Teaser PicsLivestream26 May 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A with Minigame Spotlight Preview!Livestream5 May 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A with Mods Stu, Pi and Kelpie!Livestream28 April 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A with Tuska PreviewLivestream19 May 2015
RuneScape Mobile ShowcaseLivestream9 November 2017
RuneScape Month Ahead Q&A (June 2019) - Land Out of Time, Breaking the Storm, Weapon Diversity, etcLivestream12 June 2019
RuneScape: QBD 101 with Mods Pi and Osborne!Livestream27 August 2015
Spring Festival & Pi-Mas Combat Improvements – Preview | RuneScape Weekly Stream (March 2021)Livestream23 March 2021
The DragonKin, Mod Pi’s music and Scamming!Podcast19 July 2016
The Month Ahead and Gower Quest preview - RuneScape Q&ALivestream8 June 2016
Third Official Live Q&A - EoCLivestream23 September 2012
[RS3] Developer Q&A - Multiple action bars teaserLivestream5 August 2015

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