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Mod Ollie was a senior designer at Jagex. He was previously a content developer for RuneScape, until he was moved to work on an unannounced project by Jagex.[2] He left Jagex on 11 December 2020.[1]

Mod Ollie was on the "Funnel" internal team until it was disbanded, after which he joined "The Dukes". He was then promoted to product owner of "The Watch" retention team.

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  1. ^ a b Jagex. Mod Ollie's Twitter account. 10 December 2020. (Archived from the original on 27 May 2021.) Mod Ollie: "Personal update: tomorrow is my final day at Jagex. I've been at the company almost 8 years and loved every one of them. It's been a wild ride with some amazing projects. Missing, Presumed Death, GWD2, Telos and Children of Mah were some of the closest RuneScape ones to my heart, along with the unannounced project I've spent the last few years on. I've every faith the awesome team working on it will make an incredible game, but as I turn 30 it's time for me to begin a new adventure. This acount will no longer be related to Jagex or RuneScape, but please feel free to keep following if you're interested in where I end up, or the games/design related content I'm likely to share. Thanks!"
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