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Mod MIC is a Product Director at Jagex.[1]

Roles[edit | edit source]

Role Date
Monetisation Manager October 2014 - April 2017
Senior Product Manager April 2017 - April 2020
Product Director April 2020 - Present

Media appearances[edit | edit source]

Desperate Measures, The Beach, Orthen, Elder GWD - RuneScape Update (July 2020)Livestream9 July 2020
Duty of Care - RuneScape Q&A (Dec 19)Livestream10 December 2019
General Q&A March 23rdLivestream23 March 2022
Herblore 120, Monetisation, Activity Pets, Java Client - RuneScape Dev Q&A (Nov 19)Livestream12 November 2019
Leads Q&A | RuneScape Weekly Stream (May 2021)Livestream26 May 2021
Login Lockout UpdateLivestream26 March 2021
Modcast General Q&A February 2ndLivestream2 February 2022
Modcast Q&A - 5th OctLivestream5 October 2021
Monetisation Q&A - RuneScapeLivestream5 November 2019
RuneScape Big Questions Q&A - Voice of Seren, RS Mobile, Bank Rework, Player Support, etcLivestream27 March 2019
RuneScape Developer Q&A - Unfinished Business live streamLivestream11 July 2017
RuneScape Leads Q&A // Steam launch, upcoming updates, and more (Nov 2020)Livestream4 November 2020
RuneScape Leads Q&A // What updates will come in 2021?Livestream12 January 2021
RuneScape Mobile - First look & QALivestream20 July 2017
What comes after Archaeology? - RuneScape Spring Update (May 2020)Livestream7 May 2020

References[edit | edit source]

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