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Mod Ian was an audio developer at Jagex. He initially joined the company to man Customer Support and then spent some time dividing his time between audio and content before joining and eventually heading the audio team in 2003.[1] He was followed up by Mod Lord who became the new teamlead. For Old School RuneScape, he has composed multiple tracks on various content.

He was dismissed from Jagex in March 2021 due to allegations of sexually assaulting a minor,[2] and was subsequently sentenced in August 2021.[3][4]


Role Date
Unknown Customer Support Role 1999 - Unknown
Unknown Content Development Role Unknown - Unknown
Audio Developer Unknown - March 2021


As content developer

As audio developer

Ian has composed 635 music tracks, including:

For a full list of Ian's music, see this category for RuneScape and this category for Old School RuneScape.

Media appearances

19 Years of RuneScape - Anniversary Special (Jan 2020)Livestream7 January 2020
200 Million Players Since Launch!Video20 July 2012
Audio Podcast - Creating music and sound for RuneScapePodcast2 August 2013
How to make a good recording!Video6 February 2012
RuneFest 2013: Levelling the RS SoundtrackVideo14 November 2013
RuneScape Art & Audio Showcase (July 2019) - Making of The Land Out of TimeLivestream24 July 2019
RuneScape Behind the Scenes #28 - The Art and Sound of Ariane!Video23 November 2012
RuneScape Content Showcase (June 2019) - Land Out of Time Lore, Art & AudioLivestream26 June 2019
RuneScape Dev Q&A - Soundtrack, Player-Owned Farms, Mining & SmithingLivestream20 September 2018
The Making of Archaeology: Audio Showcase - RuneScape Weekly Stream (June 2020)Livestream10 June 2020
Voice Acting in RuneScapeVideo20 March 2012


  • He was the first person to join the Gower brothers at Jagex, and thereby the fourth Jagex Moderator. He is the longest serving Jagex employee being employed from 1999 to 2021.
  • His favourite music tracks are the 'bouncy' and comical Keldagrim and Troll Country tracks, as well as Undead Dungeon.[1]
  • Several tracks by Mod Ian originally started off as one track but were split into others when they became too long.[5]


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