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Mod Iago is the Associate QA Manager at Jagex.[1] He appeared in Game Jam (October 2018), when he worked on a design giving different unique effects to weapon types. He worked on the Archaeology skill as QA project lead.

Roles[edit | edit source]

Role Date
Junior QA Analyst 2017 - Unknown
QA Analyst Unknown - Unknown
Senior QA Analyst Unknown - Unknown
Associate QA Manager Unknown - Present

Media appearances[edit | edit source]

Archaeology, Ranch Out of Time, Farming & Herblore 120s, Elder GWD, etc - RuneFest Q&A (RuneScape)Livestream9 October 2019
Archaeology, War's Retreat, Year in Review - RuneScape Dev Q&A (Dec 19)Livestream19 December 2019
Let's Play Archaeology - RuneScape Weekly Stream (March 2020)Livestream1 April 2020
RuneScape 101: Skilling, from newbie to masteryLivestream16 October 2020
RuneScape 101: The Basics of CombatLivestream16 October 2020
RuneScape Content Showcase (Jan 2019) - Combat Week PreviewLivestream19 January 2019
RuneScape Content Showcase - GameJam (Oct 2018)Livestream24 October 2018
RuneScape Dev Q&A (Jan 2019) - Comp Cape Rework, Mining and Smithing and moreLivestream23 January 2019
RuneScape Dev Q&A - Deep Sea Fishing, Pieces of Hate, Unspeakable Horrors, SolakLivestream9 March 2018
RuneScape Game Jam Summary - April 2018Livestream20 April 2018
The Making of Archaeology - RuneScape Weekly Stream (April 2020)Livestream21 April 2020
The Road to Archaeology - Rewards of the skillVideo24 March 2020
The Road to Archaeology Stream pt.1 - Introduction (March 2020)Livestream10 March 2020
The Road to Archaeology Stream pt.2 - Dig Sites & Guild (March 2020)Livestream18 March 2020
The Road to Archaeology Stream pt.3 - Rewards (March 2020)Livestream24 March 2020
War's Retreat, Archaeology, Ring of Shards, future updates - RuneScape General Q&A (Jan 2020)Livestream21 January 2020

References[edit | edit source]

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