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Mod Hooli is the lead community manager for RuneScape. He started working for Jagex in June 2020. He has previously worked at Activision on Call of Duty, and The Coalition on Gears of War.

Roles[edit | edit source]

Role Date
Lead Community Manager June 2020 - Present

Media appearances[edit | edit source]

26/04/2022 - Meet Mod Keeper, Runescape's Executive Producer.Livestream26 April 2022
Abyssal Creatures Q&A With Mods Hooli, Shogun and SpearLivestream2 March 2022
An Introduction to Elder God Wars: Azzanadra's Quest | RuneScape Weekly Stream (Feb 2021)Livestream16 February 2021
An Introduction to Player Avatar Refresh (pt.2) | RuneScape Content Showcase (May 2021)Livestream11 May 2021
An Introduction to Player Avatar Refresh | RuneScape Content Showcase (Jan 2021)Livestream26 January 2021
Combat Council Q&A // RuneScape Weekly Stream (Jan 2021)Livestream20 January 2021
Combat Council Q&A with Mods Pi & RamenLivestream9 March 2022
Coming Up In RuneScape | 12th November. 5pm Game Time / 5pm GMTLivestream12 November 2021
Desperate Measures, The Beach, Orthen, Elder GWD - RuneScape Update (July 2020)Livestream9 July 2020
Directors Let's Play - City of SenntistenLivestream30 June 2021
Elder God Wars - Third Front Reveal ft. MaikeruLivestream21 September 2021
Elder God Wars Dungeon: An introduction to the Glacor Front | RuneScapeLivestream20 August 2021
Elder God Wars Dungeon: Final Front Reveal | 19/10 | 4pm Game TimeLivestream19 October 2021
Elder God Wars Finale Grandmaster Quest RevealLivestream25 March 2022
General Q&A March 23rdLivestream23 March 2022
General Q&A Part 2 With Mod OsborneLivestream8 December 2021
Halloween Event Showcase & ED2 Jmod PvMLivestream12 October 2021
J-Mods Play Elder God Wars: The Nodon Front | RuneScape Playthrough w/ Dev CommentaryLivestream26 July 2021
J-Mods vs Monsters: God Wars Dungeon 2 | RuneScape PvM Stream (May 2021)Livestream25 May 2021
J-Mods vs Monsters: Nex | RuneScape PvM Stream (July 2021)Livestream6 July 2021
J-Mods vs Monsters: Solak with TheRSGuy and Rocket_Cars | RuneScape PvM Stream (July 2021)Livestream14 July 2021
JMods talk about Combat, Content and more - General Q&A | RuneScape Weekly Stream (July 2021)Livestream7 July 2021
Jmod Bank TidyingLivestream19 January 2022
Jmod Golden Party Hat Hunt with Mod Hooli & Mod SpearLivestream24 November 2021
JvM with Mod Hooli & Mod SpearLivestream1 December 2021
Leads Q&A | RuneScape Weekly Stream (April 2021)Livestream7 April 2021
Leads Q&A | RuneScape Weekly Stream (May 2021)Livestream26 May 2021
Let's Play - Azzanadra's Quest (Pt.1) | RuneScape Weekly Stream (April 2021)Livestream14 April 2021
Let's Play - Azzanadra's Quest (Pt.2) | RuneScape Weekly Stream (April 2021)Livestream28 April 2021
Let's Play - Azzanadra's Quest (Pt.3) | RuneScape Weekly Stream (May 2021)Livestream19 May 2021
Let's Play - Elder God Wars: The Glacor Front | RuneScape (August 2021)Livestream31 August 2021
Let's Play - Senntisten Archaeology Mini-Digsite | RuneScape Weekly Stream (August 2021)Livestream11 August 2021
Let's Play TzekHaar Front | 28th October. 4pm Game Time / 5pm BSTLivestream28 October 2021
Let's Play: Heartstealer - Valentine's Day Quest 2021 | RuneScape Weekly Stream (Feb 2021)Livestream9 February 2021
Login Lockout - Leads Update | RuneScape Stream (Mar 2021)Livestream9 March 2021
Login Lockout UpdateLivestream26 March 2021
Login Lockout Wishes & RS Mobile Updates | RuneScape Weekly Stream (May 2021)Livestream18 May 2021
May Skilling Update Reveal - April 27th 2021Livestream27 April 2021
Modcast General Q&A February 2ndLivestream2 February 2022
Modcast General Q&A February 9thLivestream9 February 2022
Modcast Q&A - 30th NovemberLivestream30 November 2021
Modcast Q&A - 5th OctLivestream5 October 2021
Ninja Natter: the Lunar Spellbook - RuneScape Weekly Stream (Sep 2020)Livestream17 September 2020
Ninja'versary: Celebrating a Year of Quality of Life Updates | RuneScape Q&A (Jan 2021)Livestream2 February 2021
Orthen, New Boss, Halloween, Activity Pets, upcoming content - RuneScape JMods Q&A (August 2020)Livestream27 August 2020
Player Avatar Refresh Showcase | RuneScape Content Showcase (Feb 2021)Livestream27 February 2021
PvM Reveal: the Rex Matriarchs | RuneScape Weekly Stream (Feb 2021)Livestream2 March 2021
RS Mobile Launch & Elder God Wars Reveal | RuneScape Weekly Stream (June 2021)Livestream16 June 2021
Raksha: Let's Play and Q&A // RuneScape Weekly Stream (Dec 20)Livestream10 December 2020
RuneScape Kingdoms Update & Let's Play 'Accidental' Fletching & Firemaking!Livestream4 May 2022
RuneScape Leads Q&A // Steam launch, upcoming updates, and more (Nov 2020)Livestream4 November 2020
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