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Mod Erator is a senior content developer at Jagex.[1] He appeared in Game Jam (October 2018), where he worked on a re-design for Guthixian Cache.

Roles[edit | edit source]

Role Date
Graduate Gameplay Developer September 2016 - September 2017
Content Developer September 2017 - April 2020
Senior Content Developer April 2020 - Present

Contributions[edit | edit source]

Media appearances[edit | edit source]

Araxxor Quest, Skilling Off-hands, Golden Clue Scrolls, etc - RuneScape Epic Jam Showcase (pt1)Livestream18 October 2019
Login Lockout Wishes & RS Mobile Updates | RuneScape Weekly Stream (May 2021)Livestream18 May 2021
Ninja Team Q&A - RuneScape Weekly Stream (May 2020)Livestream13 May 2020
Ninja Team Showcase - RuneScape Weekly Stream (May 2020)Livestream27 May 2020
Official Preview - Wilderness RebornVideo25 June 2022
RuneScape Content Showcase - GameJam (Oct 2018)Livestream24 October 2018
RuneScape Dev Q&A - Clue Scroll Rework, Mining & Smithing, SolakLivestream7 February 2018
RuneScape Dev Q&A - Invention Batch 2, RuneFest, Slayer updatesLivestream5 September 2017
RuneScape Dev Q&A - RuneFest 2018Livestream10 October 2018
RuneScape Dev Q&A - The Dragonkin Laboratory, Divination Chamber (2018)Livestream5 June 2018
RuneScape Game Jam Summary - April 2018Livestream20 April 2018
RuneScape Month Ahead Q&A (Aug 2018) - Dragonkin Laboratory, Master Skillcapes, Rune CapersLivestream10 August 2018
RuneScape Month Ahead Q&A (July 2019) - Land Out of Time GameplayLivestream10 July 2019
RuneScape Month Ahead Q&A (June 2019) - Land Out of Time, Breaking the Storm, Weapon Diversity, etcLivestream12 June 2019
Shattered Worlds changes & Archaeology Q&A - RuneScape Weekly Stream (April 2020)Livestream17 April 2020
The Ninja Team is back from the shadows!! (RuneScape Weekly Stream Highlight)Livestream25 February 2020

References[edit | edit source]

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