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Not to be confused with Little toy duck.
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Mod Dolan's rubber duck is an Easter egg item for players obtainable as a "drop".[1] It can be used in the place of mega ducklings to unlock the title [Name] the Totally Quackers. It has a 1/10,000 chance of being obtained from digging for compost or supercompost using the Fertiliser ability of legendary pets.[2] It doesn't appear immediately after the pet does its special move. It may also be obtained while turning the manure mound or mucking out animal droppings at the player-owned farm. Another possible rare drop obtained in a similar fashion is Mod Daze's homework.

It is possible to use this item on the drake in Falador Park, which results in the player throwing the rubber duck at it, accompanied with the message "You throw Mod Dolan's rubber duck at the duck". It is unknown if the player still unlocks both titles when they dig up the ten Little toy ducks on the Summer Beach Party afterwards if they decide to throw the rubber duck at the drake.

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