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Mod Breezy is a QA Analyst at Jagex[2] working on RuneScape as part of the Ninja team, and is also a member of the balancing council. The NPC Farhad at the Kharid-et Dig Site is based on him, and his dialogue is a nod to his mod name. He has played RuneScape since 2006.

Career before Jagex[edit | edit source]

After graduating in 2017 with an honours degree in games design, he spent some months working in the Architecture department of a local university, developing virtual and augmented reality apps for clients. In addition, he also hosted lectures, where he taught students about virtual and augmented reality. After this, he returned to his own university to mentor students on level design and review end-of-year group game projects.

Working for Jagex[edit | edit source]

2018[edit | edit source]

Mod Breezy joined Jagex in July of 2018 as a Junior QA Analyst alongside Mods Shrew, Camel, and Titan, with Mod Shogun serving as his QA mentor.

After a couple weeks of training, his first project was with the Four Direction team (consisting of Mods Jack, Tomb, Doctor, Stu, Joe, and Shogun) working on the Mining and Smithing rework, which was over halfway through development. He also worked on the third run of the Parcels from the Hedge event with Mod Ryan, and participated in the October 2018 Game Jam alongside Mod Shrew to create the Morytania Slayer Tower dungeon[3] and Fire Spirit improvements.

At RuneFest 2018 he appeared as part of a panel "A day in the life of a Jmod". Near the end of the Mining and Smithing rework's development, in recognition of his work on the project and his thorough knowledge of the game, he was invited by Mod Timbo to join the balancing council.

2019[edit | edit source]

In the downtime following the release of the Mining and Smithing rework in January 2019, he worked with Mod Stu to add miniquests to the quest list. During this time, the Four Direction team was in the early design phase of the Completionist Cape rework. As such, after the release of miniquests on the quest list, he was moved to help with the Desperate Times quest for a few weeks. Some time during the Completionist Cape rework's development, he also helped with early level designs for Anachronia, which was early in its development at the time. A few months later, after various waves of feedback, the Completionist Cape rework was simplified and subsequently released in June 2019.

Mod Breezy's next project was with the Mobile team consisting of Jmods such as Pi, Stu, Asherz, Sova, and Giara. On the team, he worked on the "first time user experience" (FTUE) project which focussed on improvements to the early game tutorial in Burthorpe. A short time after this, he was moved to the Weapon Diversity project where he worked on various new weapon effects and the beta itself. However, the project was cancelled in September 2019 due to player feedback.

Around the same time, Jagex restructured the development teams and created the three core teams of Episodic Content, Live Ops, and Core Experience. Mod Breezy was put on the Episodic team due to his knowledge of the game, prior project experiences, and passion for content that fell under the umbrella of the Episodic Content team.

His only core project in the Episodic Content team was with Mods Raven, Tomb, Orion, and Camel on 120 Farming & Herblore and The Ranch Out of Time (which had already been in development for months prior). During this period, he also worked alongside Mods Ryan, Iago, Camel, Cel, Fenix, Deadly, and Alex on War's Retreat, known in development as "PvM Hub". Following the release of 120 Farming & Herblore and The Ranch Out of Time in November 2019, he spent some time on the post-release portion of the project.

2020 and 2021[edit | edit source]

In the early months of 2020, plans were being made to bring back the Ninja team with a new mindset, while sticking to the goal of previous Ninja teams which was to deliver frequent and high impact quality of life improvements. Mod Breezy was asked to join the team due to his deep RuneScape knowledge and passion for quality of life, and in February of 2020 the Ninja team was revived, consisting of Mods Erator, Kalaya, Abe, and Breezy. As well as the Ninja Strikes, he worked on the Tortle Combat miniquest which celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the new Ninja team in February 2021, and also worked on the Guardian's Gift and event weeks in the period of April - May 2021.

Contributions[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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