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Mod Asherz is a senior technical developer at Jagex. Prior to this, Asherz was part of the Quality Assurance team.

Roles[edit | edit source]

Role Date
QA Tester November 2011 - May 2012
Technical Developer May 2012 - January 2018
Senior Technical Developer January 2018 - Present

Contributions[edit | edit source]

Media appearances[edit | edit source]

[RS3] Developer Q&A - Seren Spells and Prayers teaserLivestream12 August 2015
Activity Tracker, Burthorpe/Taverley Decluttering, etc - RuneScape Content Showcase (August 2019)Livestream22 August 2019
Content vs Technical DeathMatch!Podcast24 April 2015
Developer Q&A ft. High Level MobsLivestream28 October 2015
Invention Tech Trees Teasers! - RuneScapeLivestream7 May 2016
Ninja Team (podcast)Podcast21 May 2015
Nomad's Elegy - RuneScape Developer Q&ALivestream10 February 2016
PvM Hub, Scalabale Solak, Clans QoL - Epic Jam Content Showcase (pt.2) - RuneScapeLivestream24 October 2019
RS Mobile, Object Outlining, Canopy Cut-out, Client Prediction - RuneScape Weekly Stream (Feb 20)Livestream3 March 2020
RuneScape - Mobile Showcase (March Content Showcase)Livestream21 March 2018
RuneScape Behind the Scenes #37 - Demon Flash MobsVideo25 January 2013
RuneScape Behind the Scenes #47 - Castle Wars & More RS3Video5 April 2013
RuneScape Behind the Scenes #79 - Community Features!Video15 November 2013
RuneScape Dev Q&A - RuneFest 2018Livestream10 October 2018
RuneScape Dev Q&A - Unfinished BusinessLivestream1 August 2017
RuneScape Developer Q&A - Elite NPC Teaser!Livestream21 July 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A - High Level Mobs (2)Livestream11 November 2015
RuneScape Mobile Showcase (June 2021)Livestream1 June 2021
RuneScape Mobile Update - Release Announcement | April 22nd 2021Livestream22 April 2021
RuneScape Mobile for iOS - Gameplay preview (Weekly Stream Highlight)Livestream6 March 2020
RuneScape Month Ahead (July 2017) - Magister, Achievements, MenaphosLivestream27 June 2017
RuneScape TV: BETA Mash-up, Death Changes + Looting Upgrades - 17/03/2015Livestream17 March 2015
RuneScape TV: Devcom Talk Community Tools - 14/04/2015Livestream14 April 2015
RuneScape TV: Scenario Tool + Clock Improvements - 10/02/2015Livestream11 February 2015
The Community Development TeamPodcast6 November 2014
The Raptor's ChallengePodcast5 November 2015
The future of RuneScape, RS Mobile new UI & Weapon Diversity - RS General Q&A (Sept 2019)Livestream10 September 2019
Tuesday 13th December - 2022 End of Year LivestreamLivestream13 December 2022

References[edit | edit source]

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