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Mobilising Armies/Hoard was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
A game of the hoard scenario.

Hoard is one of the scenarios of Mobilising Armies. As defined by Jagex "This scenario is set at a dragon’s volcano, where you must collect 100,000 gold or defeat your opponents to become the victor. Gold can be collected by using the ‘Cave Collect’ command in your Squad Commands tab or by just left-clicking the cave. In order to collect gold from the dragon, you need at least two squads, one collecting at the cave and another to carry the gold from the cave to the boat. You can also steal gold by killing opponents' squads, and it is worth noting that squads collecting gold are more susceptible to damage." Players must complete at least 1 round of Siege in order to be able and play Hoard (It does not matter if the player loses the round).

The story is described as

Legend tells of a huge dragon, living alone on an island far out to sea. It is said to bed down on a marvellous hoard of gold. Scouts have discovered that the dragon is not only real but asleep, so now is the best time to steal that gold!

Use your troops to gather as much loot as possible while defending your booty. You'll also be able to defeat other squads to collect their gold.

Currently, the best strategy is to focus solely on collecting. Rarely does attacking others result in a win. Hoard on average takes 8–11 minutes per round, and up to 15 minutes if multiple teams attack instead of collect. Players who attack others rather than collecting are often frowned upon. Hoard is the quickest way to increase rank (if you win the round, if not then suiciding at Siege is faster) and if done properly requires no resupplying of units if you stick to defending a single collection point.

Recommended Units: A mix of heavy units is best since defending is key, with 10 dwarf squads having more life points. If you plan on expanding and trying to collect from distant points, light troops can help get there and retreat under fire.

Recommended Special Units: Combat is not the big focus, therefore defensive specials like barricades and distractions are most effective. If you are often having your collection point invaded, use gliders to kill off one of the attackers to disable them from collecting from you.

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Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If you fall under attack while you collect, just ignore them as it doesn`t affect you, and keep up collecting as that way you'll be closer to winning the round. However if one of your squads is defeated while having the Collect order on (it doesn't matter if the cave is empty) you'll lose 5000 gold so beware. You also lose 500 gold when attacked from time to time, but you collect more than that so just bear it.
  • If attacking is your thing, then try to find light squads. Just hit a light squad with two gliders and with a few hits more it'll go down. If you defeat a collecting squad you'll earn 2500 gold so it's a good way to keep your squads busy when the caves are empty. For the game to take it as a defeat, you must kill the squad with another squad, not with units.
  • If while you're attacking enemy squads a cave fills up, it's a lot wiser to stop attacking and start collecting.
  • Remember this is not combat -- players win by earning the most gold, not by killing the most squads.
  • If one of your units is being attacked, when it's near death send it to the farthest place possible. That way when the enemy finishes them off, it will take a while to come back and re-attack your other units.