Mission Report: Warforged Bronze

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Mission Report: Warforged Bronze can be obtained from excavating at the keshik ger or tailory debris excavation hotspots at the Stormguard Citadel Dig Site. This report, together with Mission Report: Hellfire Metal and Mission Report: Everlight Silvthril, must be found to complete The Spy Who Loved Metal mystery.

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Mission Report: Warforged Bronze

One of the other things I stole a few years back, while participating in the Dominion Games, were credentials that identified me as an agent of Saradomin. These formed the basis of my plan to infiltrate the Warforge in order to obtain samples of their hardened bronze. There was a great and growing animosity between Bandos and Armadyl, such that were we to approach the Warforge as Ikovians, they would have known something was amiss.

Still, as a human representative of Saradomin, a god known to have employed Bandosian mercenaries among his forces, it was far easier for me to pose as a buyer and gain access to the forge in order to sample the merchandise, so to speak. And so, I approached, army order and payment in hand.

As a rule, the greenskins are suspicious...but their greed very quickly overrode any suspicion they had of me. I was quickly ushered inside and led to the 'showroom floor', as they called it. It had another name, so I learned during my time there - the Crucible. My assigned sales rep - a very large being named Blorgak - told me it was where goblin mercenaries were made 'battle ready'. A euphemism I have no doubt hides much cruelty and death. The many dried bloodstains were testament to that.

I was nervous to step within the Crucible myself, fearing that at any moment my cover would be blown, and that I would be forced to participate in one of the many 'games' held here. The Dominion Games this was not. Thankfully, I was able to find numerous fragments of broken warforged weapons and pocket them.

My order was completed - a troop of their 'strong spears' - to which I relayed orders to deploy far to the east. This allowed me the time to return my samples to Stormguard before my ruse was discovered. I was tempted to travel with the goblin troop as the paid protection they were but dared not risk being caught out in the open. The goblins will do fine, I'm sure. I wonder what they will do when they realise they are not actually marching towards a fight and that there are no further orders awaiting them...


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