Mission Report: Hellfire Metal

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Mission Report: Hellfire Metal can be obtained from excavating at the keshik ger or tailory debris excavation hotspots at the Stormguard Citadel Dig Site. This report, together with Mission Report: Everlight Silvthril and Mission Report: Warforged Bronze, must be found to complete The Spy Who Loved Metal mystery.

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Mission Report: Hellfire Metal

It has been many years since I last had a mission to retrieve metal samples from our enemies. This was by far the most dangerous - I came close to death several times, but have managed to return with my prize, though a number of scars with it, both mental and physical.

It took some time to even locate where we could obtain such metals. It's rare to see demons wielding such weapons in battle, and the ones that do tend to be their largest, strongest specimens. Doubly frustrating is that the larger ones tend only to be projected forms, so burn up with such intensity on defeat that their weapons tend to warp from the heat. We needed samples from the source.

Our spy network discovered that in the early days of this age, there was a secret cult of Zamorakian worshippers, working in the shadows, finding sacrifices in order to bring demons to this world. However, since Zamorak returned he has been able to gain a strong foothold within northern parts of the old empire and can freely bring in his demonic armies. There has been little need for him to work in secret, and this cult of old has long-since declined. They also discovered the remnants of this so-called Order of Dis, and it provided a back way into Zamorak's stronghold.

I was able to pose as a cultist - they no longer perform sacrifices, indeed most of what they do these days is purely ceremonial - and sneak into their cult area. The lodge they used as a front for their activities was long in disuse. However, obtaining access to the Source itself was strictly monitored. I had to embed myself within their order for several years in order to gain enough trust to be allowed in. What I saw when I did is what scars me.

It is as if Infernus itself has arrived on our world! Demons were everywhere, and not mere projected forms, but hulking butcher demons in the flesh, giant gargoyles flying all about the place and even some tsutsaroth. The task the cult entrusted me with was to deliver a message to a demon named Dagon, which I quickly did - I wanted to linger as little as possible. I almost felt sorry for the beast, for it seemed trapped and broken, so unlike its brethren moving freely around it. Handily, the hellforge itself stood here, near Dagon, and so on my way out I was able to pocket some samples and leave. I never looked back.


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