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Minitasks are small quest-like tasks assigned only in Keldagrim, the capital of the dwarven realm.

To begin minitasks, players must speak to the dwarves in Keldagrim. Certain dwarves, such as Consortium secretaries and shopkeepers, will often ask the player to retrieve items for them. For the most part these correspond to the dwarf's job. For instance, Agmundi, the owner of Agmundi Quality Clothes, will ask for items such as thread. The secretaries will almost always give out tasks, but the shopkeepers are much more random. Also, players can only receive one task at a time.

The player will have approximately 15 minutes to retrieve the items. If the player brings the item(s) to the dwarf in time, he will be rewarded with several hundred coins or 500-1000 experience in a certain skill. The experience corresponds to the item retrieved, meaning that players can receive either Crafting, Mining, or Smithing experience depending on the task.

Minitasks are very similar in nature to the jobs previously given to players by the residents of Lumbridge and Draynor Village.