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Mining ring can no longer be obtained in RuneScape after 8 October 2013|an update but still exists in-game for those who had done so.
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The Mining ring is made by right-clicking the uncharged ring and selecting "Charge" within the Mining skill plot area of the Clan Citadel, which requires a tier 2 Citadel. The ring requires a Mining level of 40 to be charged in the Mining plot. It gives 50% Mining experience until you have gained a certain amount of experience, determined by your level and the tier of the Mining plot. A new uncharged ring cannot be obtained until this ring is destroyed or depleted.

The bonuses this ring provides stack with other experience boosters such as the golden mining suit. It also stacks with the 10% experience boost from killing possessed pickaxes in the Lava Flow Mine.

This ring does not stack with the penance master hornsacred clay pickaxe, or a clan avatar. Although the ring provides a bonus when mining Shooting Stars, it does not provide a bonus for the tag. The bonus this ring provides does apply while mining pure essence.

Tier of resource Mining Exp based on your level Mining Exp at Level 99
Tier 1 About 185 exp per level 17,784 Exp
Tier 2 About 196 exp per level 19,404 Exp
Tier 3 About 214 exp per level 21,186 Exp
Tier 4 About 225 exp per level 22,275 Exp
Tier 5 About 232 exp per level 22,866 Exp
Tier 6 About 247 exp per level 24,453 Exp
Tier 7 About 257 exp per level 25,443 Exp

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