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The Mining and Smithing skills received a significant rework on 7 January 2019. As part of the overhaul, most Mining and Smithing-related content was altered, with changes to skill mechanics, the addition of new tiers of ore and Smithing products, and alterations to existing Mining and Smithing related content, such as monster drop tables.

Login messages[edit | edit source]

The following messages could be seen upon logging in after the rework:

  • (If Artisans' Workshop rewards were unlocked:)
    • The Artisans' Workshop reward shop has changed. As you'd previously unlocked the extra learning rewards, you've unlocked some of the Solemn Smith rewards.
  • Your ores and bars in the blast furnace have been moved to your metal bank.
  • We've replaced a large amount of rune, adamant, mithril and steel items with tokens. They've been placed in your bank and / or inventory.
  • You can exchange these tokens for salvage and items at the artisans workshop.
  • (If Family Crest was completed:)
    • Because you've completed the 'Family Crest' quest, you've unlocked the ability for gold and silver to be in your ore box and metal bank.
  • This week's game update introduces the long awaited Mining and Smithing rework! Click here for more details.

Furthermore, a tutorial interface for the rework could be seen offering a link to the news post, with explanations about Mining and Smithing:

  • Reworked Mining isn't difficult to get into, so just give it a try.
  • There are new mechanics to get reward clicking often.
  • Or, try clicking less because rocks don't deplete.
  • Click the 'About Smithing' button to learn more about Smithing.
  • Smithing has changed a bit.
  • Ore and bars go into the metal bank. Try clicking the furnace, forge or anvil.
  • Once started, your item needs heat to smith. Try clicking the forge. Better XP comes from upgrading and burying items.
  • Click the 'About Mining' button to learn more about Mining.

New metals and level requirement adjustments[edit | edit source]

One aim of the rework was to bring the Mining and Smithing levels required to create metal armours in line with the combat levels required to wield them. To achieve this, the Smithing levels required for existing metals were reduced and new metals were added for levels 60-90.

Prior to the rework, the ability to smith different items from each type of metal bar was unlocked at varying Smithing levels. Since the rework, the player unlocks the ability to create all possible items from that metal upon reaching the level required.

After the rework the ores and bars required for the creation of each tier of metal armour became core ores and rocks. As the player levels up they unlock beneficial effects for mining and smithing each core metal; there is no benefit for non-core metals.

Metal Former Mining level New Mining/Smithing level Former Attack/Defence level New Attack/Defence level
Bronze 1 1 1 1
Iron 15 10 10 10
Steel 30 20 20 20
Mithril 55 30 30 30
Adamant 70 40 40 40
Rune 85 50 50 50
Orikalkum N/A 60 N/A 60
Necronium N/A 70 N/A 70
Bane N/A 80 N/A 80
Elder rune N/A 90 N/A 90

Dragon armour was previously the only armour available at level 60 and was not smithable. Dragon remains unsmithable and was changed to tier 60 power armour (other metal armours are tank armour). Banite ore was previously only used to create bane ammunition; as it is now also used to create a core metal. Players may choose to tune banite ore to create the ammunition or alternatively smelt the ore into bane bars.

The new metal armours added at tier 60-90 consist of a full armour set, including full helms, platebodies, platelegs, boots, gauntlets, and kiteshields; as well as dual wield and two-handed weapons. Unlike lower tier metal armour sets, there is not a complete range of weapons and armour variations such as chainbodies. The tier 70-90 armour and weapons are degradable but can be repaired by using the same bars that are required to smith them. The number of bars required depends on how degraded the armour is.

Mining[edit | edit source]

One of the main aims of the rework for Mining was to reduce competition over rocks. Previously players would attempt to mine a rock until an ore was successfully gained. After gaining an ore most rocks would become depleted, and the player would have to wait for the ore in the rock to respawn. If multiple players were mining the same rock, only one player would successfully mine ore from it, while the rock would become depleted for all players. Only token experience was gained from unsuccessful mining attempts, with the majority of experience being granted upon successfully mining an ore.

After the rework, most rocks no longer deplete, eliminating this competition. While mining, players now make progress towards obtaining an ore for each strike that they make on a rock. A strike is made every four ticks. A blue progress bar above the character's head indicates the progress being made; once the bar has been filled the player gains an ore from the rock. The amount of progress/damage made per strike depends on the player's Mining and Strength levels and on the tier of pickaxe that they are using. The amount of progress/damage required to mine to fill the progress bar is dependent on the rock being mined. There is a 10% chance of each strike being a critical hit; which awards extra damage. Mining experience is awarded for each strike of the rock, the amount of which is determined by the amount of damage dealt. Progress is maintained when switching between rocks of the same type.

As Mining is now more afkable, an additional mechanic called stamina has been added. When mining 10% stamina is lost per strike on a rock; when a player re-clicks a rock their stamina is increased to 100%. Maintaining higher levels of stamina gives a bonus to the amount of damage/progress dealt on each swing. With 1-99% stamina the player deals 12.5% additional damage per swing; with 100% stamina 25% additional damage is dealt per swing. The amount of stamina that the player currently has is indicated by coloured sparks around their character, which are white for 1-99% and green for 100%. Alternatively the player may toggle on their stamina bar in their game interaction settings. Maintaining full stamina requires the player to click at least every four ticks. Stamina is unlocked at level 15 Mining.

In addition to stamina, a third mechanic called rockertunities (portmanteau of "rock" and "opportunity") encourages the player to mine actively. While mining, there is a chance that a nearby rock of the same type will become a rockertunity, which is indicated by gold sparks around that rock and a sound effect. Clicking a rockertunity awards the player additional damage, and therefore experience, for that strike. A strike on a rockertunity also has a chance of being a critical hit.

With the addition of new metal tiers, new ores were added: luminite at level 40, orichalcite ore and drakolith ore at level 60, necrite ore and phasmatite at level 70, and light animica and dark animica at level 90.

The introduction of new tiers of metal also brought higher tiers of pickaxes: the orikalkum, necronium, bane, and elder rune pickaxes; as well as upgraded variants for each pickaxe from iron to elder rune, which have slightly better stats than their regular variants. The inferno adze was not altered in the rework, and remains equivalent to a rune pickaxe, keeping its effect for Woodcutting. The crystal pickaxe, formerly increasing the chance to obtain golden rocks effect was removed, and the Imcando pickaxe which had a boosted mining speed within the Lava Flow Mine, and a 25% chance of instantly incinerating ore for Smithing experience while mining had both effects removed. To give a use for these three pickaxes, as well as the dragon pickaxe, these pickaxes became the only augmentable pickaxes as part of the rework. Prior to this change, all pickaxes were augmentable and the Pickaxe of Earth and Song has been added as an augmentable level 90 pickaxe.

Ore boxes

Ore boxes are new items that can be used to store core metal ores; similar to how the coal bag functioned prior to the rework. There is an ore box for each tier of core metal, which can store up to 100 of each type of ore, up to and including the ores of that tier ore box. For example, the steel ore box can store up to 100 each of copper ore, tin ore, iron ore, and coal. Ore boxes can be created through Smithing, but are also tradeable, and are bankable. Upon achieving particular Mining levels, the capacity of that tier of ore box is increased from 100 to 120. Completing the Everything is Oresome achievement also increases ore box capacity by 20 for each ore.

The chance of obtaining uncut gems while mining was replaced by a 5% chance per strike of obtaining a geode. Geodes stack in the player's inventory; the type of geode obtained is dependent on the rock being mined. The ring of Wealth and amulet of glory formerly affected gem drop chances; this chance was replaced by a 1% geode drop chance increase for the amulet of glory and a doubled chance of receiving a metamorphic geode instead of an igneous geode (2% up from 1%) for the ring of Wealth.

The benefits of levelling up Mining now include (for core rocks only):

  • Increased critical hit chance; from base chance of 10% to 20% and then 30%.
  • Increased damage from rockertunities; from base x4 damage to x5 and then x6.
  • Chance of getting double ores; from 0% base chance to 5% and then 10%.
  • Increased chance of obtaining geodes; from base chance of 5% to 10% and then 15%.
  • Increased capacity of ore box; from 100 to 120 ores.

Other changes:

  • Pure and rune essence have no major changes; but an unintentional quirk of low level pickaxes giving fast experience rates (more than those gained from using high level pickaxes) was fixed.
  • Concentrated coal rocks require level 70 Mining, reduced from level 77. Their experience multiplier for base experience is the same as the other level 70 rocks, necrite/phasmatite. However they require only 500 progress before five coal are granted. This makes them more effective for obtaining coal, as regular coal rocks give one coal after 140 progress. They receive the same benefits from levelling up as are unlocked for regular coal.
  • Concentrated gold rocks still require level 80 Mining and their experience multiplier is the same as level 80 banite rocks. They require only 750 progress to be made before five gold ore are gained; as regular gold rocks give one gold ore after 200 progress this makes them more effective for obtaining gold.
  • Mineral deposits remained mostly the same; they give sandstone at the same rate as regular sandstone rocks while also awarding Menaphos reputation. The have the same experience multiplier as runite rocks.
  • Red and Crystal-flecked sandstone mines are among the only rocks that still deplete; they have the same daily mining limits as they did before the rework.
  • Gem rocks were split into five tiers, requiring 1, 20, 40, 60 and 75 Mining.
  • Seren stones were balanced to maintain their use as a AFK training method; they give better experience when afking than animica. Animica gives superior experience rates when stamina is maintained.
  • Alaea crablets were balanced to maintain their use as the best active training method; they have the highest raw experience rate but no ores are gained.

Smithing[edit | edit source]

Smithing maintained its two distinct processes of smelting and smithing. A new metal bank was added to store ores and bars for use in smithing. The metal bank can be filled with regular or noted ores and bars, and can store up to two billion of each core ore and bar. When smithing, ores and bars are taken directly from the metal bank. However, items smithed are not deposited into the metal bank, so players must still bank these normally. Bars smelted are also not automatically placed into the metal bank, unless the player is using smelting gauntlets. These automatically deposit smelted bars into the metal bank.

In smelting, the rate at which bars are created was increased, but the experience gained for smelting a bar was decreased. Thus, experience rates per hour for smelting bars remained roughly the same before and after the rework. The types of ores required to create most bars were not altered for the majority of bars. However, the number of bars requiring coal as a secondary ore was reduced. Prior to the rework, between 2 and 8 coal were required for all metal bars from steel to rune. After the rework, a single coal is needed as a secondary for steel and mithril bars only. The number of components required to create bars was reduced; the most required is 3. Additionally, a greater variety of secondary ores were added:

Both bane and iron bars now require two of their respective ores to create. Prior to the rework, there was only a 50% chance of successfully creating an iron bar from one ore.

Prior to the rework, smithing an item required a different number of bars depending on the type of item being smithed. Upon creating the item Smithing experience was awarded, dependent on the number of bars used to make that item. The amount of experience per bar was the same for all items. For example, smithing a platebody from five bars awarded five times as much experience as creating a dagger from one bar. The same amount of time was taken to create an item regardless of how many bars were used. This made smithing items which required the highest number of bars the most time efficient method of training the skill.

Part of the rework to Smithing involved making the number of bars required to smith an item affect the amount of time taken to smith an item and the experience gained from doing so. After the rework, no matter what type of item is created from a type of bar, the experience per hour should remain around the same.

The progress mechanic was added to the Smithing skill as well as the Mining skill. A base of 10 progress is awarded per strike of an anvil when smithing an item; with an item being created once the player has made sufficient progress to fill their progress bar. Items now take longer to create than they did before the rework, but give more experience for completion.

The heat mechanic aims to keep players actively engaged during the longer smithing process. The unfinished items initially created in the smithing process begin on 10% heat, with 10% heat lost per strike of the anvil. Maintaining heat increases the amount of progress made per strike: to 20 with 67-100% heat, 15 at 33-66% heat, 10 with 1-32% heat, and five with 0% heat. Heat can be fully restored to 100% by clicking on a forge; forges were added to all locations containing an anvil as part of the rework. The new smithing auto-heater can be used to help maintain heat. It automatically refills 1/3 of a player's maximum heat every that time that heat is depleted; using five coal from the player's inventory or ore box.

The rework also added the ability to upgrade base items by adding more metal bars to them. Core metal items from iron to elder rune can all be upgraded, up to a maximum of five times for elder rune equipment. Each upgrade requires the previous item version (i.e. platebody + 2 requires platebody + 1 and one bar) and upgrades the item tier by +1 (i.e. mithril platebody is tier 30, but mithril platebody + 2 is tier 32). Upgraded items are distinct, usable items that have slightly better stats than their base counterparts.

New tuned bane melee equipment was added in the rework. This can be made at level 80 Smithing from fully upgraded (+ 4) bane weapons and shields and secondary ingredients. Tuned bane weapons have 25% increased damage against their attuned targets, and tuned bane shields deal damage to any enemy that hits the wielder. Abyssal whips are the secondary for abyssal bane equipment, draconic visages for dragon bane equipment, and a corrupt Statius's warhammer, Vesta's longsword, or Vesta's spear for revenant bane equipment. The ability to create armour spikes from elder rune bars was added at level 90 Smithing. These are a new consumable item that deal damage to enemies adjacent to the player. At level 99 Smithing, players can create tier 90 power armour called masterwork armour. The process for doing so is very time-consuming and gives only token experience; it is not intended to be a viable training method, in order to preserve the value of the armour created. Masterwork armour can be upgraded to tier 92 power armour, trimmed masterwork equipment, through the addition of components from torva and malevolent armour pieces.

The benefits of levelling up Smithing now include (for core ores and bars only):

  • Decreased time to smelt a bar; from four ticks base time, to 50% chance of smelting in three ticks, and then a 100% chance of smelting in three ticks.
  • Unlock 10% chance of smelting double ores (this proc can proc itself, and each time the number of bars doubles, generating up to a maximum of 32 bars).
  • Deal 11 progress per strike, increased from 10.
  • Decreased time taken to smith a bar; from six ticks to four ticks, and then two ticks.
  • Start smithing a new item with maximum heat rather than 10 heat.

Artisans' Workshop[edit | edit source]

The Artisans' Workshop and its activities were altered to make the area into more of a social smithing hub and Smithing Guild. The burial armour, bronze ceremonial swords D&D, and ingot system were removed. Ceremonial swordmaking was reworked into a D&D. Players now have a chance to receive a ceremonial sword design while smithing in the workshop. Making the required sword gives an experience reward. Ceremonial sword daily challenges which existed before the rework, when these swords could be made freely, were removed. Burial equipment smithing was added to the area. Through this, players use the newly added burial anvils to convert the maximum upgraded versions of adamant equipment and above. The process of doing so requires no additional bars and requires half the progress that would be required for creating the maximum upgraded version of that item. The same amount of experience is awarded as would be for creating the maximum upgraded item, though the item is destroyed. This makes smithing burial equipment the most effective Smithing training method.

Respect is now gained by earning Smithing experience anywhere in the workshop (1% respect for every 10,000 experience earned). Players can earn respect through any kind of smithing done inside the Artisans' Workshop. Old rewards from the activity were converted across to new ones. When the rework was launched players who had unlocked the old version automatically unlocked the new version of the reward.

Reward Price (Respect) New Effect Trim Req
Quick Repairs 5% No change Yes check.svg
Repair Expert 15% Yes check.svg
Golden Cannon 50% Yes check.svg
Royale Cannon 100% Yes check.svg
Restocking Cannon 100% Yes check.svg
Sword Polishing Kit 1% X mark.svg
Quick Learner 20% Reworked into Solemn Smith I, II, and III, with Solemn Smith IV and V being entirely new. Those who had unlocked these already had Solemn Smith I-III automatically unlocked X mark.svg
Budding Student 40% X mark.svg
Master Student 60% X mark.svg
Solemn Smith I 20% Making complete burial armour sets gives +1% experience per bar (stacking up to +5%). Requires the previous upgrade Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith II 40% Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith III 60% Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith IV 80% Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith V 100% Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Sword Orders 100% The player has a higher chance to get a ceremonial sword design when finishing smithing an item Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Swordsmith I-V 30% (150% total) Making a ceremonial sword gives +1% experience per upgrade Yes check.svg
Bonus Package 100% Reworked into the luminite injector X mark.svg
Luminite injector 100% each +1 base progress for all players in the workshop for five minutes X mark.svg
Blacksmith's outfit piece 50%
(300% total)
The blacksmith's outfit pieces were formerly a possible reward from smithing ceremonial swords; after the rework it was put in the rewards shop, costing 50% respect per piece (for the total five pieces) and another 50% for the blacksmith's helmet add-on X mark.svg
Cosmetic override 100%
(300% total)
Cosmetic overrides of armours that were scrapped prior to the rework being released: Necturion armour, Invictum armour, and Aetherium armour X mark.svg

The luminite injector was added with the rework; replacing portable forges which were removed. Luminite injectors can be bought for 100% respect in Artisans' Workshop. These can be activated from the inventory in a queue system to give a five minute +1 buff to base progress made per strike for all players smithing in the workshop. This gives approximately 10% more base Smithing experience. While the buff is active, all forges and pipes change colour from orange to blue, to make it clear that the effect is active. Portable skilling packs now give luminite injectors. Players who owned portable forges when the rework was launched had these replaced with medium portable skilling packs.

Premier Club members could claim an Artisan's workshop flyer from the third closed chest at the Grand Exchange. It can be exchanged with Elof for the following items:

Blast Furnace[edit | edit source]

The Blast Furnace was not greatly affected by the rework; it formerly allowed players to smelt bars without the required coal as a secondary. This effect was extended to the new secondary, luminite. Players can still only smelt bars up to rune at the Blast Furnace, and the ability to smelt bronze, silver and gold bars was removed. Ordan's ability to sell ores was removed and he no longer charges players to unnote ores. The level 60 Smithing requirement for the anvils in the area was removed.

Crafting and Casting[edit | edit source]

The Smelting interface, with the Casting Metals sub-menu in the lower-left corner, and the various item-casting options displayed in centre.

Crafting cast metal items has been slightly modified with the Mining and Smithing rework. To start, the player must deposit all of their crafting metals into the Metal Bank using a furnace, forge, or anvil. Within the Smelting interface (see picture), the "Casting Metals" list (lower left-hand corner) shows the available metals that can be crafted. Clicking on one of the listed metals will open the Casting menu, from which metals can be cast into desired products, including jewellery.

Types of Casting Metals:

As bars can now be stored in the Metal Bank, the player can craft a full inventory of jewellery (28 items), rather than the previous limit of 14 items per inventory. For example, when crafting with gems, the player now need only load a full inventory of the desired gem to subsequently craft a full inventory of the desired jewellery, thus doubling potential Crafting experience and profit-per-inventory, while halving the required number of trips between the furnace and bank.

Glassblowing[edit | edit source]

Glassblowing may also be accessed by selecting one of the items under the Casting Metals sub-menu. Once selected, the "Molten Glass" crafting option will be at the bottom of the centre interface.

Drop tables[edit | edit source]

Prior to the rework, many monsters' drop tables contained ores, bars, and metal armours. To preserve the value of smithed items, as well as the value of monster drops, drop tables were significantly altered as part of the rework. Ores and bars were replaced by stone spirits, and smithable items were replaced by salvage.

Dropped smithable equipment was removed from monster drop tables and replaced with a corresponding salvage item. Salvage is not stackable but can be traded. Salvage has six tiers, corresponding to the different tiers of metals, affecting the base alchemy value and amount of components gained from disassembling the item; four types, affecting the type of components gained from disassembling the item; and five sizes, acting as a multiplier to the alchemy value and amount of components gained from disassembling the salvage.

Stone spirits are tradeable and stack with other spirits of the same type. While mining the type of ore that a stone spirit corresponds to, stone spirits are consumed to give additional ores of the type being mined. There are specific stone spirits for each type of ore. No additional experience is gained for the extra ores created.

The spring cleaner's dismantle mode formerly worked on ores, bars, and smithable items obtained as drops. To replace this part of its functionality, two new modes were added; these only work on the new salvage items. Alch mode is available for the spring cleaner 3000 and better; it converts salvage items into the number of coins equivalent to their high alchemy value. One charge of the spring cleaner is used each time that an item is converted. Disassembly mode is a new mode for spring cleaner 5000 and better. It automatically disassembles salvage items, using no charges.

Bars and ores in players' banks were not affected by the rework. Steel to rune equipment in banks was replaced by a token which could be used to buy salvage or equipment. Tokens are separated into tiers, so steel equipment was converted into steel tokens, and rune equipment was converted into rune tokens. The cost of using tokens to buy back equipment was 10 tokens per base bar (e.g. gloves cost 10 tokens, platebodies cost 50 tokens). Any equipment purchased was the maximum upgraded version for that metal type (i.e. purchasing rune equipment gave rune + 3).

Size Token Cost
Huge salvage 50
Large salvage 40
Medium salvage 30
Small salvage 20
Tiny salvage 10

Steel tokens could also be used to purchase steel ingots for 50 tokens.

Affected items, perks and spells[edit | edit source]

The following were affected by the Mining and Smithing rework:

Item Old effect New effect
Mining cape.png: RS3 Inventory image of Mining capeMining cape Invisible +2 Mining levels 5% increased double ore chance. Experience equivalent to the level requirement to mine the rock is received for mining the additional ore.
Smithing cape.png: RS3 Inventory image of Smithing capeSmithing cape Provided the same doubled experience effect for smelting gold bars effect as goldsmith gauntlets, without having to have them equipped. When reheating an unfinished item the next strike generates +5 base progress.
Scroll of efficiency.png: RS3 Inventory image of Scroll of efficiencyScroll of efficiency 5-50% chance of saving a bar when smithing When completing an object, for every bar used to make it (every bar in the recipe, not every bar it contains), there is a 2% chance for that bar to be immediately refunded. This can refund multiple bars from a single item.
Quarrymaster aura.png: RS3 Inventory image of Quarrymaster auraQuarrymaster aura Chance of successfully mining rocks increased by 3/5/7/10/15% Critical hit chance increased by 2/4/6/8/10% when Mining.
Resourceful aura.png: RS3 Inventory image of Resourceful auraResourceful aura 10% chance to not deplete a resource when Mining 2% increased geode chance when Mining. 10% chance to give an additional red/crystal-flecked sandstone which does not contribute towards the daily limit.
Magic golem outfit.png: RS3 Inventory image of Magic golem outfitMagic golem outfit
  • +7% success chance while Mining
  • Removed aggression from living rock creatures
  • Used the golden mining suit's bonus experience effect if owned.
  • Used the Varrock armour's effect if owned.
  • 5% increased critical hit chance
  • +1 rockertunity multiplier
  • Removes aggression from living rock creatures
  • Uses the golden mining suit's bonus experience if owned.
  • Uses the Varrock armour's effect if owned.
Crystallise icon.png Crystallise Increased Mining experience gained by 50% at the cost of preventing resource yield. Increased to 87.5% by Light Form. As long as the player's stamina is greater than zero, Crystallise gives 20% additional mining experience (only works on core rocks). No damage progress is earned. Effect is increased to 40% by Light Form.
Superheat Form.png: RS3 Inventory image of Superheat FormSuperheat Form Automatically smelt ore when Mining with the prayer active. Smithing experience was gained. Reduces the time it takes to smelt each bar by one tick.

While smithing a item with low heat , it will have the multiplier of a medium heat item instead.

While smithing a item with medium heat , it will have the multiplier of high heat item instead.

Juju mining potion.png: RS3 Inventory image of Juju mining potionJuju mining potion Each ore mined had a 10% chance of spawning a stone spirit that sent all ores mined directly to the bank for 30 seconds. Experience was gained for finding the additional ore and is increased 10% while banking ore. 10% chance to gain a stone spirit of the type of ore mined.
Perfect juju mining potion.png: RS3 Inventory image of Perfect juju mining potionPerfect juju mining potion Each ore mined gave a 10% chance of finding an enhanced stone spirit, as for the regular potion but gave 10% extra Mining experience for all ores mined. In addition to the regular juju mining potion effect: whenever a stone spirit is consumed to generate an additional ore, the player's stamina bar immediately refills.
Perfect juju smithing potion.png: RS3 Inventory image of Perfect juju smithing potionPerfect juju smithing potion 10% chance that a corrupted ore would be received per item smithed. 5% increased chance for double progress when smithing.
Varrock armour.png: RS3 Inventory image of Varrock armourVarrock armour
  • Chance to smelt two ores at once.
  • Chance to mine two ores at once.
  • Around 10% chance of smithing an item faster.
Mining and smelting effects retained; Smithing effect changed to increased chance of a strike granting double progress.
Crystal hammer.png: RS3 Inventory image of Crystal hammerCrystal hammer 5% chance of saving a bar when smithing an item with at least three bars. 1% increased chance for double progress when smithing any core metal.
Polishing.png: RS3 Inventory image of PolishingPolishing 3-9% chance to transmute a mined ore to higher tier one. Has the same effect but only works on core rocks, silver ore, and alaea salt.
Honed.png: RS3 Inventory image of HonedHoned 2-10% increased success chance when mining. 2-10% double ore chance.
Refined.png: RS3 Inventory image of RefinedRefined 5-15% chance to prevent a rock from depleting. 2-6% increased chance of obtaining a geode.
Furnace (perk).png: RS3 Inventory image of Furnace (perk)Furnace 5-15% chance to consume an ore as it was mined for double the normal experience. 5-15% chance per swing to generate double experience but no progress.
Rapid.png: RS3 Inventory image of RapidRapid 5-15% chance to speed up a Smithing action by a game tick. Heat is lost twice as fast, but progress is earned 5-15% faster.
Tinker.png: RS3 Inventory image of TinkerTinker 5-15% chance to increase the base experience gained from Smithing by 25%. 2-6% chance of making double progress.
Breakdown.png: RS3 Inventory image of BreakdownBreakdown 20-100% chance to automatically disassemble items produced while smithing. 0.8-4% chance per bar used in creation of an item to give the same components that would have been gained for disassembling the item, with the item remaining intact.
Rock-crushing scrimshaw.png: RS3 Inventory image of Rock-crushing scrimshawRock-crushing scrimshaw 15/20% chance to crush an ore obtained while mining in exchange for increased experience. 2/3% increased critical hit chance when mining.
Gem-finding scrimshaw.png: RS3 Inventory image of Gem-finding scrimshawGem-finding scrimshaw Chance of finding diamond, dragonstone, or onyx gems while mining. 2/3% increased chance of finding a geode.
Collector's insignia.png: RS3 Inventory image of Collector's insigniaCollector's insignia 5/10% chance of not depleting a rock while mining.
  • 1/2% increased chance of finding a geode.
  • 5/10% chance for red or crystal sandstone to not deplete
Desert wyrm.png: RS3 Inventory image of Desert wyrmDesert wyrm
  • Invisible +1 Mining level boost
  • Burrow special ability: burrow near a mining rock and finding iron.
  • +1 damage bonus
  • Burrow was removed
Void ravager.png: RS3 Inventory image of Void ravagerVoid ravager Invisible +1 Mining level boost +1 damage bonus
Obsidian golem.png: RS3 Inventory image of Obsidian golemObsidian golem Invisible +7 Mining level boost +7 damage bonus
Lava titan.png: RS3 Inventory image of Lava titanLava titan Invisible +10 Mining level boost +10 damage bonus
Iron titan pouch.png: RS3 Inventory image of Iron titan pouchIron titan pouch Iron platebody required as secondary Iron ingot required as secondary
Steel titan pouch.png: RS3 Inventory image of Steel titan pouchSteel titan pouch Steel platebody required as secondary Steel ingot required as secondary
Skillchompas.png: RS3 Inventory image of SkillchompasSkillchompas
  • Equivalent to pickaxe with same Mining level required as the skillchompa
  • Granted an additional 10% experience on successful completion of an action and additionally granted experience equivalent to 5% of having successfully completed an action each time an action is attempted unsuccessfully.
  • Used alongside the player's pickaxe
  • Consumed only on critical hits
  • 30-70 bonus damage on critical hits.
Plain smelting urn.png: RS3 Inventory image of Plain smelting urnPlain smelting urn Work as they did before the rework. Released decorated smelting urns.
Ring of Whispers.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ring of WhispersRing of Whispers +3 invisible level bonus to Mining. +3 Mining damage per swing.
Starfury armour.png: RS3 Inventory image of Starfury armourStarfury armour
  • Used the golden mining suit's bonus experience effect if owned.
  • Slower depletion rate at seren stones.
  • Uses the golden mining suit's bonus experience effect if owned.
  • 1% increased critical hit chance per piece equipped, excluding the cape.
Mining accumulator.png: RS3 Inventory image of Mining accumulatorMining accumulator Gained charges whenever the player fails to mine, could be studied for 2,500 experience when full. Gains 1% charge whenever the player gets a critical swing when Mining, gives same experience effect.
Ring of forging.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ring of forgingRing of forging Increased the chance of successfully smelting iron ore to 100%. Without the ring, the probability ranged from 50% to 80%, depending on Smithing level. Reduces the number of ores required to make an iron bar from two to one.
Smelting gauntlets.png: RS3 Inventory image of Smelting gauntletsSmelting gauntlets Were formerly named goldsmith gauntlets and increased experience gained from smelting gold ore from 22.5 to 56.2.
  • Automatically deposit smelted bars into the player's metal bank.
  • Allow the player to smelt up to 60 bars at a time using the Make-X interface, instead of 28.
  • Added an additional reward to the Family Crest quest; the ability to store gold and silver ore and bars in the metal bank.
Coal bag.png: RS3 Inventory image of Coal bagCoal bag Store up to 81 pieces of coal. Removed as obsoleted by the ore box.
Modified blacksmith's helmet.png: RS3 Inventory image of Modified blacksmith's helmetModified blacksmith's helmet 5% chance of saving coal while smelting. 1% double bar chance when smelting.

Protean bars[edit | edit source]

Protean bars remained unaffected by the reworked Smithing mechanics; a simple 8-tick Make-X process. This allowed them to remain as a completely AFK training method. Their experience values were buffed slightly. The experience gain curve was also slightly adjusted so that protean bars are better at higher levels and not as good at lower levels.

Voice of Seren[edit | edit source]

The effect of harmonised rocks spawning during a Trahaearn Voice of Seren was removed. Instead there is 1/15 chance at the start of the hour that any rock in the district except gem rocks will be replaced by a dark or light animica rock. The 20% increase base Mining experience effect was replaced by a 20% double ore chance effect. The 20% more base Smithing experience from smelting or smithing any items in the furnaces or on the anvils was replaced by a 20 experience increase for smelting corrupted ore.

Instead of causing soft clay rocks to not deplete, the Ithell Voice of Seren now gives a 50% chance for soft clay mined to be transported directly to the player's bank.

Shooting Stars[edit | edit source]

All layers require level 1 Mining and have no hardness (which means they don't require a high level pickaxe). Every strike generates one stardust. The experience multiplier is always 1 at all stages of the star. No changes have been made to the rewards. The double ore chance stacks with other double ore chances. If double ore chance exceeds 100%, double ores are guaranteed and there is a chance at a third.

Divine Locations[edit | edit source]

Divine runite rock.png The existing divine locations have had their Divination levels lowered to match their new Mining level requirements. The divine energy used to make them has also been adjusted for their new tiers. A new divine luminite rock has been added at level 40 Divination.

Divination level Rock Energy Ore
1 Divine bronze rock.png: RS3 Inventory image of Divine bronze rockDivine bronze rock 20 Pale energy.png: RS3 Inventory image of Pale energyPale energy 10 Tin ore.png: RS3 Inventory image of Tin oreTin ore and 10 Copper ore.png: RS3 Inventory image of Copper oreCopper ore
10 Divine iron rock.png: RS3 Inventory image of Divine iron rockDivine iron rock 20 Flickering energy.png: RS3 Inventory image of Flickering energyFlickering energy 20 Iron ore.png: RS3 Inventory image of Iron oreIron ore
20 Divine coal rock.png: RS3 Inventory image of Divine coal rockDivine coal rock 30 Bright energy.png: RS3 Inventory image of Bright energyBright energy 20 Coal.png: RS3 Inventory image of CoalCoal
30 Divine mithril rock.png: RS3 Inventory image of Divine mithril rockDivine mithril rock 30 Glowing energy.png: RS3 Inventory image of Glowing energyGlowing energy 20 Mithril ore.png: RS3 Inventory image of Mithril oreMithril ore
40 Divine adamantite rock.png: RS3 Inventory image of Divine adamantite rockDivine adamantite rock 40 Sparkling energy.png: RS3 Inventory image of Sparkling energySparkling energy 25 Adamantite ore.png: RS3 Inventory image of Adamantite oreAdamantite ore
40 Divine luminite rock.png: RS3 Inventory image of Divine luminite rockDivine luminite rock 80 Sparkling energy.png: RS3 Inventory image of Sparkling energySparkling energy 25 Luminite.png: RS3 Inventory image of LuminiteLuminite
50 Divine runite rock.png: RS3 Inventory image of Divine runite rockDivine runite rock 80 Gleaming energy.png: RS3 Inventory image of Gleaming energyGleaming energy 25 Runite ore.png: RS3 Inventory image of Runite oreRunite ore

Achievements[edit | edit source]

The following achievements were added in the rework:

Achievement Skill Description Comp Req Trim Req
Everything Is Oresome Mining Mining Increase the capacity of the ore box by mining 100 of each of the listed ores: Copper, Tin, Iron, Coal, Mithril, Adamantite, Luminite, Runite, Orichalcite, Drakolith, Necrite, Phasmatite, Banite, Light Animica, Dark Animica (this is a separate +20 increase in capacity to the levelling benefit unlock) Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
My Sick Four Tick Trick Mining Mining Maintain nearly maximum stamina while Mining for one minute (for players who have a high enough mining level, using stone spirits with a Perfect juju mining potion will make this AFK on a low levelled core rock) X mark.svg X mark.svg
Purple Reign Mining Mining Use the Shard of Zaros on a Dark animica rock X mark.svg X mark.svg
I Love DailyScape Mining Mining Cap out on red and crystal sandstone in a day X mark.svg X mark.svg
Banebane Mining Mining Mine a banite ore using a bane pickaxe +4 while wearing a full set of bane armour +4 and listening to the music track Bane of Summer X mark.svg X mark.svg
Shine On You Crazy Diamond Mining Mining Mine an Uncut diamond from a gem rock in Prifddinas while the Light of Seren shines on the Trahaearn Clan X mark.svg X mark.svg
The Light Begins To Shine Mining Mining Mine Light Animica ore while the Light of Seren shines on the Trahaearn Clan X mark.svg X mark.svg
Suity Level Maximum Mining Mining Deal 2,475 damage to a rock in a single swing X mark.svg X mark.svg
It's Mine, All Mine Mining Mining Mine one of each of the following listed ores: Copper, Tin, Iron, Coal, Mithril, Adamant, Luminite, Runite, Orichalcite, Drakolith, Necrite, Phasmatite, Banite, Light Animica, Dark Animica, Clay, Rune Essence, Any Gem Rock, Silver, Gold, Sandstone, Granite X mark.svg X mark.svg
A Song of Earth and Pickaxes Mining Mining Construct a Pick of Earth and Song X mark.svg X mark.svg
Work On Your Artisan Smithing Smithing Buy the following upgrades in the Artisans' Workshop:
- Quick Repair
- Repair Expert
- Solemn Smith I-V
- Golden Cannon
- Royale Cannon
- Restocking Cannon
- Ceremonial Sword Orders
X mark.svg Yes check.svg
It Should Have Been Called Aetherium Smithing Smithing Make and upgrade to +5 a full set of Elder rune armour (this fully unlocks the ability to forge masterwork armour) Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
Come Together Smithing Smithing Use a luminite injector on World 70 X mark.svg X mark.svg
Hot In Here Smithing Smithing Smith an item that requires at least 60 Smithing without letting heat fall below high heat X mark.svg X mark.svg
The Knight Begins To Shine Smithing Smithing Repair a piece of armour at an anvil X mark.svg X mark.svg
Ritual of the Murderbat Smithing Smithing Tune a bane sword or two-handed sword X mark.svg X mark.svg
Imcando Magic Can't Melt Elder Rune Boots Smithing Smithing Heat a pair of unfinished elder rune boots to 100% heat using only the superheat item spell X mark.svg X mark.svg
We Will Bury Them Smithing Smithing Take a full set of fully upgraded armour to the Artisans' Workshop and smith it into burial armour, donating it to the dwarves in the process (only Adamant and higher can be buried) X mark.svg X mark.svg

Development history[edit | edit source]

Ideas to revamp Mining and Smithing existed as early as RuneFest 2013. On 7 November 2013, Mod Jack posted a description of two new proposed ores, necrolith and thanous, which could be smelted together to create a new metal called necronium, to the Lore Discussion section of the RuneScape Forums. While necronium was eventually released with that name in the final rework, necrolith was renamed to necrite and thanous to phasmatite.


Thought you might be interested in this full text about the new metal Necronium from the Mining & Smithing documentation.

In the Third Age, when the conflict between the gods raged across the world unchecked for centuries, mortal casualties were beyond measure, though they must have counted in the hundreds of millions. Demons and other great monsters heaped bodies upon bodies in great mountains of the dead. The bones and blood and metal panoply of those ancient battlefields sank beneath the soil. Over the centuries they coagulated in darkness and steeped in the residual magical energies. When the people of the Sixth Age unwittingly disturbed these open air charnel houses they found new materials of remarkable strength.

Necrolith is a dark fusion of bone, third age metal and ancient magicks. The skulls of humans and larger, monstrous creatures protrude from the black, obsidian-like surface of this ore. In its presence the skin crawls. Thanous is a pale, greenish-white, powdery rock formed primarily of bone which burns with a brilliant green flame and a sound of distant screaming. When necrolith is heated in the flame of thanous it does not melt or sag but rather stretches and rises as if straining for something. It forms itself into the plates and shapes of armour and weapons, though bizarre and misshapen. A skilled smith can guide and correct this process and create usable and extremely powerful equipment. The resulting necronium has a dark blue sheen and is still covered in the skulls and bones of the dead that grant it strength.

— Mod Jack[1]

The skills were originally expected to get an update in the second half of 2017.[2] However, Jagex found it difficult to produce a concept that could satisfy all players' expectations. An in-game poll was used to determine whether players would rather have an update to introduce new content at the higher levels of the skills, with a full rework being left to another future update.[3] Players voted in favour of having a complete rework of the skills, and it was stated at RuneFest 2017 that development had started around mid-September 2017.[4]

There were two Mining and Smithing betas. The first beta for the update was launched on 12 February 2018, and a second was launched on 13 November 2018.

Initially, Orikalkum was to be renamed Drakolith, as the Greek inspiration behind the name was more appropriate for icyenes rather than dragonkin.[5] However, after player feedback, the original name was kept, with the metal being created from Oricalcite ore and Drakolith ore. [6]

Design documents[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Concept art[edit | edit source]

3D models[edit | edit source]

In-game[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 11 March 2019 (Update):
    • Corrected various typos found during the Mining & Smithing rework.
  • hotfix 14 January 2019 (Update):
    • The various Smithing fanatics across Gielinor are now convinced that yes, you have heard about the Mining and Smithing rework, and as such have fallen silent.
    • The news post link on the Mining and Smithing rework popup now functions correctly on non-English worlds.

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