Scrapped content (Mining and Smithing beta)

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Due to the nature of such an early beta, some of the content used in the beta was either replaced or completely changed after the beta has ended. The following pieces of content were affected by this:

  • Drakolith bars were replaced by orikalkum bars. Drakolith became the secondary ingredient, a so-called catalyst.
  • The upgraded crystal pickaxe was renamed to the Pickaxe of Earth and Song.
  • The "hopper" used to store ores and bars was renamed to "metal bank"
  • The gloves of the armour sets were renamed to gauntlets.
  • Living rock and elder runite rocks and ore were scrapped, instead elder rune bars are now created by using light animica ore, dark animica ore, and rune bars.
  • The decorated versions of the smithed items were scrapped, instead now these are turned directly into experience upon being completed.
  • The 'no ore' 'double xp' pickaxe was scrapped as its effect was considered too strong.
  • The ore bag was replaced by the ore box.

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