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Mining & smithing flyer may no longer be obtainable (except through trading or reclaiming) but could be re-released in the future.

This item has never been re-released.

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The mining & smithing flyer is an item that was handed out by the orikalkum fanatic, necronium fanatic, bane fanatic, elder rune fanatic, masterwork fanatic, and dedicated miner. It used to advertise the Mining and Smithing rework, and could have been read for a short summary of the rework. If you had one in your inventory, the nearby bane fanatic would not mention your name in his overhead chat messages.

Once the fanatics were removed on 14 January 2019 it was not possible to claim more flyers. Now when attempting to read or destroy the flyer it will vanish with no warning, leaving behind the message "Too late - it's gone!". The flyer cannot be traded via the Grand Exchange. However, it may be traded in-person.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Mining & Smithing Rework

The Mining & Smithing rework is nearly here!

Join us in the new year at the newly refurbished Artisans Workshop.

Mining will no longer be competitive, and you'll be able to mine valuable new tiers of ore. We've also lowered the mining requirements of the old ores to match their combat requirements.

Smithing has been reworked with new mechanics so that making equipment feels more like real smithing. You'll be able to make new tiers of gear with the new ores, make your own T90 power armour entirely through the smithing skill, and make untradeable armour spikes to boost you in combat.

Release history[edit | edit source]

Start date End date Content
17 December 2018 (Update) 14 January 2019 Mining and Smithing rework

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