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A minimic is a monster found within Alice's Treasure Chamber, during the Giant Mimic fight. Two minimics are summoned to the defence of the Giant Mimic when its health reaches predetermined intervals on hard and elite difficulties, and will aid the Giant Mimic by healing for 325 life points per Mimic present every second on the hard difficulty, while healing 400 life points per minimic present every second on the elite difficulty. They do not appear when fighting the Giant Mimic on the beginner or medium difficulties.

Any damage that is dealt to the Giant Mimic while a minimic is alive will heal it for that amount instead of damaging it, similar to the way in which Nex's siphon attacks work.

The minimics despawn if left alive for a long time.

Difficulty Level Combat Level Life Points Life Points Healed to Giant Mimic Max Hit
Hard 28 1500 325 200
Elite 28 2500 400

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