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Minigame rewards vary by minigame and oftentimes player participation in the minigame. Each minigame will have its own rewards, and most will include any experience earned within the minigame, although this is not true for every one.

(m) denotes minigames that only members may participate in.

Player versus player/monster[edit | edit source]

These minigames involve the use of combat skills to fight players or monsters.

Icon Name Minigame classification Reward page
Barbarian Assault Barbarian Assault (m) Safe Rewards
Castle Wars Castle Wars (m) Safe Rewards

Conquest (m)

Safe Rewards
Fist of Guthix Fist of Guthix Safe Rewards
Pest Control Pest Control (m) Safe Rewards
Soul Wars Soul Wars (m) Safe Rewards
TzHaar Fight Cave TzHaar Fight Cave (m) Safe Rewards
TzHaar Fight Pit TzHaar Fight Pit (m) Safe Rewards
Duel Arena Duel Arena Safe, although items can be lost if the player choses to stake. Anything staked by other players.
Clan Wars Clan Wars Depends on setting No rewards.
Mage Arena Mage Arena (m) Dangerous Rewards
Barrows Barrows (m) Dangerous Rewards
Temple Trekking Burgh de Rott Ramble (m) (reverse route of Temple Trekking) Dangerous Rewards
Temple Trekking Temple Trekking (m) (reverse route of Burgh de Rott Ramble) Dangerous Rewards

Skill[edit | edit source]

These minigames focus on certain skills to achieve a goal.

Icon Name Minigame classification Reward page
Fishing Trawler Fishing Trawler (m) Safe Rewards
Great Orb Project Great Orb Project Safe Rewards
Mage Training Arena Mage Training Arena (m) Safe Rewards
Ranging minigame Ranging minigame (m) Safe Rewards
Rogues' Den Rogues' Den (m) Safe Rewards
Sorceress's Garden Sorceress's Garden (m) Safe Rewards
Vinesweeper Vinesweeper (m) Safe Rewards
Blast Furnace Blast Furnace (m) Low danger from heat pump damage if done incorrectly. Experience based on participation and coal usage half of traditional smelting methods.
Gnome Restaurant Gnome Restaurant (m) Safe (Possibly involves travel past aggressive monsters.) Rewards
Trouble Brewing Trouble Brewing (m) Safe (Involves travelling past aggressive monsters.) Rewards
Impetuous Impulses Impetuous Impulses (m) Depends on area Rewards
Pyramid Plunder Pyramid Plunder (m) Dangerous Rewards
Gnome Ball Gnome Ball (m) Dangerous (players may take a small amount of damage that could result in death) Rewards
All Fired Up All Fired Up (m) Dangerous Rewards
Brimhaven Agility Arena Brimhaven Agility Arena (m) Dangerous Rewards

Combat skilling[edit | edit source]

These minigames feature both combat and the use of skills.

Icon Name Minigame classification Reward page
Stealing Creation Stealing Creation (m) Safe (items obtained within the game will be lost) Rewards
Shades of Mort'ton Shades of Mort'ton (m) Dangerous Rewards
Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup (m) Dangerous Rewarded item

The following training areas are not official minigames designated by Jagex, despite having some aspects in common with them.

Name Classification Reward page
Livid Farm (m) Safe Rewards
Sawmill training (m) Safe Experience
Herblore Habitat (m) Safe Rewards
Jadinko Lair (m) Dangerous Rewards
Artisans' Workshop Safe Rewards
Living Rock Caverns Dangerous Experience, ores and fish caught.
Runespan Safe Rewards
Lava Flow Mine (m) Dangerous Rewards
The Nexus Safe Experience
Dungeoneering Safe Rewards