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Military Gliders are advanced versions of the Gnome Gliders used by the gnomes for transportation.

Gnome military gliders are used by the gnomes for combat situations. Due to their lack of protection, however, they are not usually used for combat, but instead for scouting missions. How the gliders differ from regular models is unknown; they bear no weapons and no extra protection. They are most likely used for symbolic purposes rather than for increased functionality. For instance, the 10th Squad is known to have used military gliders to reach the Shipyard in eastern Karamja, a mission that did not involve any combat.

Military gliders are kept safe in a secret hangar located somewhere in the area of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Its location is closely guarded, and the only way for players to reach it is to speak to Daero in Blurberry's Bar. Once spoken to, Daero will blindfold the player and take them to the hangar if they have reached a certain point in Monkey Madness.

During Monkey Madness, a player must use a military glider to reach Crash Island, a remote location found in the mysterious Southern Sea. From here it is possible to travel to the dangerous island of Ape Atoll. After the quest is completed, the glider can still be used to reach Crash Island.

After beginning Monkey Madness you are able to talk to Daero at Blurberry's Bar in the Grand Tree. He will be able to take you to the secret military glider hangar.

From there you will need to speak to Waydar who will fly you to Lumdo on Crash Island who, in turn, will take you to Ape Atoll in his boat. You will need to do this in reverse to get back

You can also leave the hangar using the teleportation device located towards the hangar's south end. This will return you to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.