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The Mercenary Captain is the leader of all of the Mercenaries in the Desert Mining Camp, and was hired to guard the entrance of it to prevent people from going in and discovering the slavery that was going on there. The Mercenary Captain plays a role in the quest The Tourist Trap, in which he is portrayed as a arrogant and angry individual, and must be provoked to the point of outrage so that he initiates combat with the player himself, rather than having his mercenaries do his dirty work for him, upon which he is killed and drops a Metal key which can open the gate to the Mining Camp.

If the "Attack" option is chosen on him, after a confirmation, he will order his guards to throw you into the desert northwest of the camp (stealing all your filled waterskins at the same time). If you do so from within the camp, you will be thrown into the jail cell instead.

If you insult him at the beginning of the conversation or otherwise choose wrong dialogue options, he would order his mercenaries to kill you, but as they are tired of killing anyone who talks to the captain, they will only pretend to attack you, although they would be increasingly irritated. On the fourth time the player does it, they would dump you in the desert, resetting the sequence.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Mercenary Captain speaks in:

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Captain claims he is hunting someone called Al Zaba Bhasim and may task the player to kill him. Al Bhasim is an anagram of the name Al Shabim, the leader of the Bedabin Nomads. The task cannot be done as Al Shabim cannot be fought.
  • He appears to be wielding the Defensive shield from the Warriors' Guild in one hand.
  • Every time you kill him the message "You kill the captain!" appears in the chatbox.
  • If you right-click on him right before his guards throw you into the desert, you can click attack and trigger the sequence again, despite not being near the camp (although you won't be re-thrown).
  • He cannot be directly attacked without choosing the right dialogue options. Area attacks do not affect him. It is possible to damage him with unorthodox means (e.g. Dominion mines applying poison), but he will always retain 1 life point.