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Menaphyrite detail.png

Menaphyrite is one of the Jewels of the Elid found in Menaphos. It is found randomly through looting urns during the Pyramid Plunder minigame. It will be teleported to your bank if the inventory is full.

Finding it will prompt the following message: You find a menaphyrite cluster!

Or in case your inventory is full: You find a menaphyrite cluster! It has been transported to your bank!

Like all Jewels of the Elid, it can only be found after receiving the Menaphos Journal from Assistant Librarian Subotai. Collecting all 16 gems grants the Jewelled Scarab pet and completes the Rock and Roll achievement.

Hint given in the journal: Traditionally this gemstone is buried with its owner to be used in the afterlife.

Achievement[edit | edit source]

  • Rock and Roll (RuneScore.png 25) – Recover the Grand Library's collection of valuable and unique gemstones.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Menaphyrite was formerly known as Seiryu's eye, introduced to the game on 10 October 2016, but was unused. It was re-purposed and renamed with the release of Menaphos. Its examine text still references its original name.