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Memory-storage bots are given to the player by the Archivist after handing in the Aagi, Seren, Juna, Edicts and Cres memory-storage bots. In order to fill them up, 50 of each type of memories excluding faded memories must be collected. Handing in a filled memory-storage bot grants the player a reward of 10,000 Divination experience. This experience reward can be increased by experience modifiers.

Once 50 bots have been handed back to the Archivist, the respective achievement is completed and the title [Name] the Archivist is unlocked.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

In order to efficiently fill up the memory-storage bots to receive the achievement, fill your inventory with 26 memory jars (25 if you intend to collect core memory fragments), 1 memory-storage bot, and leave 1 empty space for memory shards (2 if you intend to collect core memory fragments). From there, fill the bot from whatever spring is closest to you, regardless of what type it is. Once one type of memories has been filled, continue filling your bot from the closest spring, excluding those that have already been completed. This will decrease the time taken to complete memory-storage bots.

Memories may be collected faster, and therefore memory-storage bots filled up faster, by utilising 2-ticking, where a player re-clicks the memories immediately after an experience drop.

It is recommended to use Surge to move around the room quickly, though there are many obstacles that may hinder your most efficient movement. Each cycle that switches the memories and nodes takes about 25 seconds from beginning to end. Thus, spending a mere 5 seconds to move between your desired node each cycle will increase the time it will take you to complete the achievement by 20%.

There is an effective place to stand in the Hall of Memories, due to it having three nodes (a Pillar, a Deactivated Automaton, and a Generator). This place is just north of the archway into the jar depot. Standing in the centre of the three nodes will ensure that the player has a very high probability that at least one of three nodes is generating memories at any given time, and the player does not need to move at all to siphon from one of those three nodes. If one of the three nodes does not activate in any given cycle, there are an additional three nodes within a few spaces away that can be siphoned from if necessary.

Wait to turn in your full memory jars until your entire inventory has been filled. This will cut down on transportation time to travel to the unstable rift and the jar depot.

If you intend to collect core memory fragments, it is recommended to hold them in your inventory until you have at least 6. At that point, you may activate all 6 plinths at once. If other plinths have already been activated, of course you may wait until you have what is needed to fill the remaining plinths. This will save on time transporting yourself to and from the plinths that could be spent collecting memories for the memory-storage bots. It is not recommended to collect core memory fragments, nor to activate the plinths, unless you are also simultaneously attempting to complete the Guthix and the Chamber of Secrets achievement, as the memories siphoned from the memory bud do not count toward any specific memory type.

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