Memoriam crystal z09

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Memoriam crystal z09 detail.png

The memoriam crystal z09 is found on Freneskae. It is one of twelve Memoriam crystals needed to unlock the Helm of Zaros cosmetic override.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Eris quod sum

My empire's progress has stalled, I expected little resistance from the forests to the south, yet from them sprang forth a race even my demonic legions fear. The legates refer to them as Stern Judges, but I have learned their true name - Mahjarrat: 'the children of Mah'. Could they really be so? After my departure, could she have created more toys? They are but a fraction of myself and my old companion, yet I feel a connection with them, a shared ancestry - they are my younger siblings. Surely this is serendipity... or fate, should such a thing exist. I intend to take them under my wing. Within the empire they will rule as princes, and they shall be its inheritors. Until such a time, they shall be my envoys.

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