Memoriam crystal z08

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Memoriam crystal z08 detail.png

The memoriam crystal z08 is found on Freneskae. It is one of twelve Memoriam crystals needed to unlock the Helm of Zaros cosmetic override.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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I have explored from one end of the universe to the other, and at its furthest point discovered a perfect world - the final work of the elders. Many of the races I encountered on my journey have flocked to this perfect world, led here by their deities... but this world does not belong to them. They carve out territories and scar the land with their petty skirmishes. They must be taught obedience. As a child of the creators, I feel it is my duty to bring these young gods to heel. My ability to enforce loyalty does not compel ascendant beings, only the lower mortals and my old companions. I will have to resort to baser methods. To this end, I have brought my own lower races to this world. If the young gods will not heed my words or recognise my divinity, then they will be made to listen.

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