Memoriam crystal 16

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The memoriam crystal 16 is a memoriam crystal found within Prifddinas by harvesting harmony moss from a harmony pillar while under the effect of a perfect juju farming potion, with a fruit tree fully grown in the Meilyr Clan district.

If destroyed, the player must first talk to Arianwyn before the crystal will appear again.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Memoriam crystal 16.


So much has happened since Guthix removed himself from this world. I thought if I were ever to see him again it would bring joy to both our hearts, but we have found nothing but sadness. The petty squabbling of the young gods has awoken him. He has taken the example of my barrier around Tirranwn and applied it to the world as a whole, to stop the evicted gods from returning. I am glad he has returned and put a stop to them. I am glad that he returned to me too, but he no longer asks me to leave this place...he demands it. In that moment, I confessed to him what I had done to the elves and hence why I could not...why I still cannot. There was only one course of action. I would be leaving, just not with Guthix. He tried to convince me otherwise, but upon realising my resolve he conceded, and with no words left to speak, he bowed his head, then turned and left. Before I could do what must be done, I recalled my proxy, and into it poured all of my negativity, my darkest thoughts, my fears and regrets, and then sent it away from elven lands where it could do no harm. I had to be rid of it for what was to come next. Prifddinas now lies temporarily evacuated - it shall be regrown once I am gone, with the crystals I have handed to the lords and ladies. By expelling my energy, this area will be forever infused with it, and small fragments of my body, when carried, will allow elves to journey far beyond these city walls. In time, even these shall no longer be needed. I have encouraged Baxorian to do just this, and to journey east once more. Now that the wars have ended, it is time for my elves to rejoin this world. I accept now that even divine beings can die, and that my time has come. At least I go knowing that the harm I have caused this gentle people can and will eventually be undone, and that my death will not lead to theirs.

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  • patch 5 January 2015 (Update):
    • A typo has been fixed in Prifddinas's memoriam crystals 14 and 16.