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The Members Loyalty Programme was released on 28 June 2011. It was first announced in the Behind the Scenes of June 2011.[1] Loyalty Points are an additional reward for being a Member of RuneScape. Players who had pending or existing subscriptions would receive Loyalty Points for their remaining days of membership but would not earn these points for the days before the actual update. On the release date of the Loyalty Programme, players were given a discount on most items in the Loyalty Programme Shop for a limited amount of time.[2]

Loyalty Points can be spent on a various range of rewards, including emotes, costumes, and items for the Aura slot.[1] All rewards are simply cosmetic, with the exception of the auras, which enhance gameplay in many different aspects, and the wicked pouch, which is equipped in the ammunition slot and stores rune energy that can be used in place of runes for spellcasting. Concurrent members accumulate points at a higher rate than players who only subscribe occasionally, so the most loyal players can earn their rewards faster.[2][3] Items, emotes, costumes, colour changes, and titles can be bought from Solomon's General Store, Xuan east of the Warriors' Guild in Burthorpe or in Varrock Square, Dilwyn in the Tower of Voices within the Elven City of Prifddinas, or Wafa in the centre of the Merchant district in Menaphos.

In 2011, there was a 12 Days of Christmas event between 25 December 2011 and 5 January 2012, during which players were able to earn 500 Loyalty Points on each day that they logged into a members' world for a total of 6,000 points on each of the 12 days.

The shop was updated on 3 September 2013 and merged with Solomon's General Store, allowing some items from both stores to be purchased with the other's currency. The gazes and clothing were changed into cosmetic overrides. The only items that could be purchased from Xuan were auras, outfits, and the ability to re-colour items.

The shop was updated again on 29 March 2016, with plans to make items cost only RuneCoins or Loyalty Points rather than both starting from 3 May 2016.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Loyalty Points accrue more quickly the longer a player has membership. Loyalty points are split up into two categories: base points and bonus points, which are calculated separately.

  • Base points are determined by the cumulative membership time, maxing out after 1 year of cumulative membership (at 15,000 points per month).
  • Bonus points are determined by the consecutive membership time, maxing out after 1 year of consecutive membership (at 15,000 points per month). In addition, after the first 12 months of consecutive membership there is an additional 5,000 bonus points every additional 6 months.

Thus the maximum possible rate is 30,000 points per month, with a bonus of 5,000 points every 6 months. This is an average of 30,833 points per month. It is also possible to gain extra points by buying Premier Club membership and during some promotional events.

When a player's membership lapses, there is a seven-day grace period during which they can subscribe again and maintain the same bonus points rate. After the grace period is over, the rate will drop to the amount from two months ago.

Base points earned
1 500
2 3,000
3 5,000
4 7,000
5 8,000
6 9,000
7 10,000
8 11,000
9 12,000
10 13,000
11 14,000
12+ 15,000

The following table shows how many points are earned when the player is a member for an 'x' amount of months.

Bonus points earned Total points earned

(starting as a new member)[note 1]

Total points earned

(starting with max base points)[note 2]

1 0 500 15,000
2 1,500 5,000 31,500
3 2,500 12,500 49,000
4 2,500 22,000 66,500
5 2,500 32,500 84,000
6 5,000 46,500 104,000
7 5,000 61,500 124,000
8 6,000 78,500 145,000
9 7,000 97,500 167,000
10 8,000 118,500 190,000
11 9,000 141,500 214,000
12 15,000 171,500 244,000
13 15,000 201,500 274,000
14 15,000 231,500 304,000
15 15,000 261,500 334,000
16 15,000 291,500 364,000
17 15,000 321,500 394,000
18 20,000 356,500 429,000
19 15,000 386,500 459,000
20 15,000 416,500 489,000
21 15,000 446,500 519,000
22 15,000 476,500 549,000
23 15,000 506,500 579,000
24 20,000 541,500 614,000
  1. ^ This is the amount earned by new members if they retain their subscription continuously. If their subscription lapses during their first year (for longer than the grace period), when they restart they can expect loyalty points between the new and max base point columns.
  2. ^ This is the amount earned by previous members who reached 15,000 base points before lapsing membership. Upon returning they will earn 15,000 a month base with a lowered streak.

Auras[edit | edit source]

Main article: Auras

Auras improve gameplay in many different ways, including effects with Combat, Skills, and other benefits, while a few auras provide unique cosmetic looks. They all have a particle effect that glows when the aura is active. This particle effect does not show on a Free-to-play server. Most combat auras can only be used in PvM and would not work in PvP combat. With the exception of cosmetic auras, such as the Oddball aura and gazes, and the Desert pantheon aura, only one aura can be used at once.

Auras are equipped in the Aura slot and are activated by clicking Activate aura. All of them have an activation time, which shows how long they last, and a cooldown time, which shows how long it takes to be used again. This is clock time and still counts down even when logged out. If an activated aura is unequipped, it cannot be used it again until it is recharged. If an aura is lost, it can be reclaimed by Xuan, Dilwyn, or Wafa fully charged if it wasn't on cooldown. If an aura is lost while it is activated, it will go on cooldown when it is reclaimed.

In order to purchase a higher tier aura, all lower tier versions of that aura must be bought in order first. The auras can be bought from Xuan, Dilwyn, or Wafa in-game or from Solomon's General Store under the Auras section. To purchase all of the Members Loyalty Programme auras, it would cost the player 4,320,000 loyalty points.

Cosmetic auras[edit | edit source]

Unlike most auras, cosmetic auras only affect the appearance of a player. There is also no activation or cooldown time. There are 8 gaze auras that can be bought from Solomon's General Store under the Wardrobe section in the Effects subsection. They can be applied in the Customisation interface to make the player's eyes glow in various colours. To purchase all of the Members Loyalty Programme gazes, it would cost the player 144,000 loyalty points.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

There are 38 emotes that can be bought from Solomon's General Store under the Emotes section. They are used in the same way that all other emotes are used. To purchase all of the Members Loyalty Programme emotes, it would cost the player 223,782 loyalty points.

Icon Name Cost (Loyalty Points)
hiss Cat Fight 500
Face-palm emote icon.png Face-palm 750
Golf clap emote icon.png Golf clap 750
High Five emote icon.png High Five 750
Palm-fist emote icon.png Palm-fist 750
Shake Hands emote icon.png Shake Hands 750
Surrender emote icon.png Surrender 750
Talk to the Hand emote icon.png Talk to the Hand 750
Breathe Fire emote icon.png Breathe Fire 1,000
Bring It! emote icon.png Bring it! 1,000
Evil Laugh emote icon.png Evil Laugh 1,000
Levitate emote icon.png Levitate 1,000
Muscle-man Pose emote icon.png Muscle-man Pose 1,000
ROFL emote icon.png ROFL 1,000
You're Dead emote icon.png You're dead 1,000
Hula Hoop emote icon.png Hula Hoop 4,000
Snow emote icon.png Snow 4,000
Storm emote icon.png Storm 4,000
-.^ Head in the Sand 6,000
Inner Power emote icon.png Inner Power 6,000
Lolcano emote icon.png Lolcano 6,000
ROFLcopter emote icon.png ROFLcopter 6,000
Scream emote icon.png Scream 6,000
Disappear emote icon.png Disappear 12,000
Divine Power emote icon.png Divine Power 12,000
Ghost emote icon.png Ghost 12,000
Infernal Power emote icon.png Infernal Power 12,000
Nature's Might emote icon.png Nature's Might 12,000
Tornado emote icon.png Tornado 12,000
Werewolf Transformation emote icon.png Werewolf
Frog Transformation emote icon.png Frog Transformation 9,216
Mahjarrat Transformation emote icon.png Mahjarrat Transformation 9,408
Gravedigger emote icon.png Gravedigger 10,560
Break Wind emote icon.png Break Wind 11,904
Breakdance emote icon.png Breakdance 13,440
Kick Sand emote icon.png Kick Sand 11,520
Crab Transformation emote icon.png Crab Dance Transformation 9,984
Runescape through the Ages emote icon.png Runescape Through the Ages 9,000

Outfits[edit | edit source]

There are 12 outfits that can be bought from Xuan, Dilwyn, or Wafa in-game or from Solomon's General Store under the Wardrobe section in the Outfits subsection. All parts of the outfit are bought at once and can be changed to various colours. They can be worn as in-game items if claimed from Xuan, Dilwyn, or Wafa, or they can be worn as a cosmetic override in the Customisation interface. If an outfit is lost, it can be reclaimed by Xuan, Dilwyn, or Wafa. The outfits are for cosmetic appearance. Only the Dervish Outfit provides benefits; it provides protection from desert heat. To purchase all of the Members Loyalty Programme outfits, it would cost the player 44,000 loyalty points.

Outfit Icons Cost
Female Male
Dervish outfit Dervish female 1.png Dervish female 2.png Dervish female 3.png Dervish female 4.png Dervish female 5.png Dervish male 1.png Dervish male 2.png Dervish male 3.png Dervish male 4.png Dervish male 5.png 1,000
Eastern outfit Eastern female 1.png Eastern female 2.png Eastern female 3.png Eastern female 4.png Eastern female 5.png Eastern male 1.png Eastern male 2.png Eastern male 3.png Eastern male 4.png Eastern male 5.png 1,000
Samba outfit Samba female 1.png Samba female 2.png Samba female 3.png Samba female 4.png Samba female 5.png Samba male 1.png Samba male 2.png Samba male 3.png Samba male 4.png Samba male 5.png 1,000
Tribal outfit Tribal female 1.png Tribal female 2.png Tribal female 3.png Tribal female 4.png Tribal female 5.png Tribal male 1.png Tribal male 2.png Tribal male 3.png Tribal male 4.png Tribal male 5.png 1,000
Pharaoh outfit Pharaoh female 1.png Pharaoh female 2.png Pharaoh female 3.png Pharaoh female 4.png Pharaoh female 5.png Pharaoh male 1.png Pharaoh male 2.png Pharaoh male 3.png Pharaoh male 4.png Pharaoh male 5.png 2,000
Silken outfit Silken female 1.png Silken female 2.png Silken female 3.png Silken female 4.png Silken female 5.png Silken male 1.png Silken male 2.png Silken male 3.png Silken male 4.png Silken male 5.png 2,000
Theatrical outfit Theatrical female 1.png Theatrical female 2.png Theatrical female 3.png Theatrical female 4.png Theatrical female 5.png Theatrical male 1.png Theatrical male 2.png Theatrical male 3.png Theatrical male 4.png Theatrical male 5.png 2,000
Wushanko outfit Wushanko female 1.png Wushanko female 2.png Wushanko female 3.png Wushanko female 4.png Wushanko female 5.png Wushanko male 1.png Wushanko male 2.png Wushanko male 3.png Wushanko male 4.png Wushanko male 5.png 2,000
Colonist's outfit Colonist female 1.png Colonist female 2.png Colonist female 3.png Colonist female 4.png Colonist female 5.png Colonist male 1.png Colonist male 2.png Colonist male 3.png Colonist male 4.png Colonist male 5.png 4,000
Feathered serpent outfit Feathered serpent female 1.png Feathered serpent female 2.png Feathered serpent female 3.png Feathered serpent female 4.png Feathered serpent female 5.png Feathered serpent male 1.png Feathered serpent male 2.png Feathered serpent male 3.png Feathered serpent male 4.png Feathered serpent male 5.png 4,000
Highland outfit Highland female 1.png Highland female 2.png Highland female 3.png Highland female 4.png Highland female 5.png Highland male 1.png Highland male 2.png Highland male 3.png Highland male 4.png Highland male 5.png 4,000
Musketeer outfit Musketeer female 1.png Musketeer female 2.png Musketeer female 3.png Musketeer female 4.png Musketeer female 5.png Musketeer male 1.png Musketeer male 2.png Musketeer male 3.png Musketeer male 4.png Musketeer male 5.png 4,000
Elven outfit Elven female 1.png Elven female 2.png Elven female 3.png Elven female 4.png Elven female 5.png Elven male 1.png Elven male 2.png Elven male 3.png Elven male 4.png Elven male 5.png 8,000
Werewolf costume Werewolf female 1.png Werewolf female 2.png Werewolf female 3.png Werewolf female 4.png Werewolf female 5.png Werewolf male 1.png Werewolf male 2.png Werewolf male 3.png Werewolf male 4.png Werewolf male 5.png 8,000

Titles[edit | edit source]

Titles can appear before or after the username in the chatbox, and some titles depend on the player's gender. They can be used in both members and free worlds. The titles can be bought from Solomon's General Store under the Titles section. They can be applied in the Customisation interface. To purchase all of the Members Loyalty Programme titles, it would cost the player 732,864 loyalty points.

Loyalty points only[edit | edit source]

Title Points
Lord / Lady [Name] 1,000
Sir / Dame [Name] 1,000
Lionheart [Name] 4,000
Crusader [Name] 8,000
Hellraiser [Name] 8,000
Baron(ess) [Name] 10,000
Count(ess) [Name] 15,000
Overlord [Name] 15,000
Prince / Princess [Name] 15,000
Duke / Duchess [Name] 20,000
Justiciar [Name] 20,000
Bigwig [Name] 25,000
King / Queen [Name] 25,000
Archon [Name] 25,000
Emperor / Empress [Name] 30,000
Wunderkind [Name] 50,000
Witch King / Witch Queen [Name] 50,000
The Awesome [Name] 50,000
[Name] the Magnificent 50,000
[Name] the Undefeated 50,000
[Name] the Strange 50,000
[Name] the Divine 50,000
[Name] the Fallen 50,000
[Name] the Warrior 50,000
[Name] the Thrifty 0
Grumpy [Name] 1,920
The Outrageous [Name] 4,608
The Mysterious [Name] 5,376
The Untouchable [Name] 5,760
[Name] the Handsome / the Beautiful 9,600
Mr / Mrs [Name] 5,760
Master / Miss [Name] 5,760
Doctor [Name] 6,720
The [Name] 9,600
The Adorable [Name] 5,760

Discontinued[edit | edit source]

Title Points RuneCoins
Free Members
Duderino / Dudette [Name] 4,000 40 36
Athlete [Name] 5,000 50 45
Desperado [Name] 10,000 100 90
Bandito [Name] 20,000 200 180
Big Cheese [Name] 25,000 - -

Colour changes[edit | edit source]

The ability to re-colour certain items can be bought from Xuan, Dilwyn, or Wafa in-game or from Solomon's General Store under the Services section in the Re-colours subsection. The colour of certain items can be changed to blue, red, green, or yellow by using them on Xuan, Dilwyn, or Wafa. Once coloured, the item becomes untradeable until it is changed back to its original colour. (The Full slayer helmet can be disassembled and put back together to restore it back to its normal colour.) To purchase all of the Members Loyalty Programme re-colours, it would cost the player 38,000 loyalty points.

Name Colour 1 Colour 2 Colour 3 Colour 4 Cost
Pet rock.png: RS3 Inventory image of Pet rockPet rock
Pet rock (blue).png
Pet rock (red).png
Pet rock (green).png
Pet rock (yellow).png
Robin Hood hat.png: RS3 Inventory image of Robin Hood hatRobin Hood hat
Robin Hood hat (blue).png
Robin Hood hat (red).png
Robin Hood hat (white).png
Robin Hood hat (yellow).png
Gnome scarf.png: RS3 Inventory image of Gnome scarfGnome scarf
Gnome scarf (blue).png
Gnome scarf (pink).png
Gnome scarf (green).png
Gnome scarf (yellow).png
Lunar torso.png: RS3 Inventory image of Lunar torsoLunar torso
Lunar torso (blue).png
Lunar torso (red).png
Lunar torso (blue).png
Lunar torso (yellow).png
Staff of light.png: RS3 Inventory image of Staff of lightStaff of light
Staff of light (blue).png
Staff of light (red).png
Staff of light (green).png
Staff of light (yellow).png
Full slayer helmet.png: RS3 Inventory image of Full slayer helmetFull slayer helmet
Full slayer helmet (c) (blue).png
Full slayer helmet (c) (red).png
Full slayer helmet (c) (green).png
Full slayer helmet (c) (yellow).png
Ranger boots.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ranger bootsRanger boots
Ranger boots (blue).png
Ranger boots (red).png
Ranger boots (white).png
Ranger boots (yellow).png
Ring of stone.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ring of stoneRing of stone
Ring of stone (blue).png
Ring of stone (red).png
Ring of stone (green).png
Ring of stone (yellow).png
Ancient staff.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ancient staffAncient staff
Ancient staff (blue).png
Ancient staff (red).png
Ancient staff (green).png
Ancient staff (yellow).png
Mages' book.png: RS3 Inventory image of Mages' bookMages' book
Mages' book (blue).png
Mages' book (white).png
Mages' book (green).png
Mages' book (yellow).png
Top hat.png: RS3 Inventory image of Top hatTop hat
Top hat (blue).png
Top hat (red).png
Top hat (green).png
Top hat (white).png

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 14 October 2019 (Update):
    • Upgrading a favourited aura will now remove the older version from the favourited mini menu list.
  • patch 15 June 2015 (Update):
    • Players can now reclaim loyalty outfits from their player owned house.
  • patch 8 June 2015 (Update):
    • You will now be able to purchase and reclaim the physical versions of the Loyalty Point outfits from Xuan again.
  • patch 24 February 2014 (Update):
    • When players purchase an aura from Solomon’s General Store they will now receive correct aura.
  • patch 28 September 2011 (Update):
    • The new recoloured items from the Player Loyalty store are now worth the same amount as the non-recoloured versions on the deathkeep interface.
  • patch 12 July 2011 (Update):
    • The Members Loyalty Programme sale has now ended and so the items have returned to their original prices.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This message is obtained once an account is registered and logging in after registering.
  • The next time users log in after they have registered to the Members Loyalty Programme, a box is displayed, asking the players if they would like to view the shop, giving the option of being teleported to the shop in Burthorpe or Varrock centre.
  • On 6 September 2011, the mercenary leader, mercenary mage, mercenary ranger, and mercenary warrior were placed in north of Falador wearing items from the loyalty programme.
  • For the first two weeks after the release of the Members Loyalty Programme, the prices for almost everything in the rewards shop were decreased. The prices of all auras except for Jack of trades were reduced to 400 loyalty points. The price of the Cat Fight emote was reduced to 100 loyalty points, and the prices of the Talk to the Hand, Shake Hands, and High Five emotes were reduced to 400 loyalty points. The price of the Dervish outfit was reduced to 100 loyalty points, and the prices of all the other outfits were reduced to 400 loyalty points. The price of the ability to re-colour a Pet rock was reduced to 100 loyalty points, and the price of the ability to re-colour a Robin hood hat was reduced to 400 loyalty points.
  • It will take 5,502,646 points to unlock everything in the shop, assuming rewards aren't purchased when they are discounted. It would take a total of 185 months or 15.4 years to unlock everything in the shop, assuming membership is kept running the entire time and no additional points are received from promotional events. It would take a total of 132 months or 11 years to unlock everything in the shop, assuming the player purchases the Gold Premier Club yearly membership, which includes 150,000 loyalty points.
  • The only non-English title currently available in Xuan's shop is "Wunderkind", which translates to "Child Prodigy" in German.
  • The title Duderino could be a reference to the movie "The Big Lebowski", in which Jeff Bridges' character, Jeff Lebowski AKA The Dude, lists various things to call him, relating to the word "dude", including "duderino". It could also be a reference to the Simpsons. The character Ned Flanders says words that end in "idly" doodly" "rino" etc.

References[edit | edit source]

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