Meiyerditch Laboratories

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Eerie cages and undead hands in the tunnels

The Meiyerditch Laboratories are a set of winding tunnels beneath the Sanguinesti Region where the vampyres practised haemalchemy until they were suddenly shut down by Lord Drakan, and all humans working there - with the exception of Mauritys Guile - killed. Various gruesome experiments were conducted there on humans and bloodveld. The ruined temple of the blood altar is also located in the tunnels, and they are connected to the tomb of Ivandis Seergaze. In River of Blood it is revealed that it was the laboratory of Mauritys Guile, who discovered how to cure Vampyrism and how to cure vampyres from their blood needs. Mauritys stopped his research because he needed to find hybrid blood (which was impossible to find at the time) and the fear to be discovered by Lowerniel Drakan.

The Blood altar is located in the northern part of the dungeon. In the southern part, near the mutated bloodveld, are 3 log respawns, a tinderbox, and several slimy eel fishing spots, providing a food supply depending on carried fishing baits. In the north of the room with mutated bloodveld, a fishing rod can be obtained from behind the research table. This can only be done if a player doesn't already have one.

Dungeon info[edit | edit source]

Transportation[edit | edit source]

The southern tunnel entrance is in north-eastern Meiyerditch in the third building from the top along the eastern wall.

The northern tunnel entrance is in Canifis, through the trapdoor south of the pub. The entrance is near the former Myreque Hideout, south through the basement wall and immediately east through the cave entrance to Ivandis' tomb. Go through the south cave entrance into the tunnels. It requires Agility level 65 to pass through the jutting wall shortcut.

Attempting the north cave entrance before completing the Meiyerditch Dungeon portion of the quest gives the message: You're not sure where this leads to and have an ominous feeling it leads nowhere good. You decide not to go through.
  • Drakan's medallion can teleport players to the laboratory.
  • The southern tunnel entrance is in north-eastern Meiyerditch in the third building from the top along the eastern wall.
  • Fairy ring code DLS transports a player to the north-west corner of the dungeon.
  • Another quick way to get to this dungeon is to go into the abyss, then through the blood altar and exit it to appear in the cave. However, travelling through the abyss will drain a player's prayer.
  • After the release of the Runecrafting guild, a player can get a Blood Teleport Tablet from The Great Orb Project, which costs 45 tokens.
  • Players can use Wicked hood (with talisman or tiara) to teleport outside of the blood altar. This can be done twice per day.
  • A Mask of Broken Fingers or its upgraded version can teleport players to this dungeon twice per day.

Features[edit | edit source]

Cellar[edit | edit source]

The entrance to the cellar is behind the Hair of the Dog tavern in Canifis. The cellar can be entered during and after the quest In Search of the Myreque. A secret door in the south wall allows access to the main cave.

Beside the ladder to Canifis, the cellar contains a broken ladder that cannot be used. While this ladder ascends to the ceiling, there is no door or structure visible on the surface where it would come out.

The cellar contains eleven level 2 Rats, making it an excellent place for rat catching by Cats.

Main cave[edit | edit source]

The main cave runs from the cellar to a set of doors that open in the Hollows. Four giant rats prowl this cave. Multiple tunnels branch off this cave to the other nearby caves. While most of these tunnels can be entered by clicking on them, the tunnel to the Myreque Hideout itself can be entered only by choosing to squeeze past the stalagmite in front of it.

From the Hollows, the main cave can only be entered during and after the quest In Search of the Myreque.

Myreque Hideout[edit | edit source]

The Myreque Hideout is used during the quest In Search of the Myreque. At the end of the quest, the Vampyres find the hideout, so afterward the Myreque abandon it for a new hideout.

North-west cave[edit | edit source]

This cave is important for players who use Fairy rings, as it connects the fairy ring cave with the main cave.

Fairy ring cave[edit | edit source]

Fairy ring DLS is located in this cave. The fairy ring network can be used during and after the quest A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen. However, the ring is not available for use until the player has also completed the quest In Search of the Myreque.

West cave[edit | edit source]

This cave and the south cave apparently serve as distractions to players who are unsure of which tunnel leads to the fairy ring cave, as neither the tunnels themselves nor the fairy ring cave can be seen on the in-game minimap from the other caves.

South-west cave[edit | edit source]

The south-west cave is the most dangerous cave of the group, as it contains three goblins, two hobgoblins, and two poison spiders.

Tomb of Ivandis[edit | edit source]

The tomb of Ivandis Seergaze can be accessed during and after the quest In Aid of the Myreque. The tomb contains Ivandis' crypt, at which the player can make a Rod clay mould. This mould allows the player to make the Rod of Ivandis.

The exact position of the tomb is not known. It cannot be seen from the other caves. Since it is too large to fit in the area between the main cave and the Myreque hideout, it is presumably deeper in the earth than the other caves.

Laboratories[edit | edit source]

During and after the Legacy of Seergaze quest, the laboratories can be accessed via the entrance to the tomb of Ivandis. Only the north-western tunnel of the dungeon is shown on the map, which connects to the main part of the dungeon further south. Level 65 Agility is required to cross an obstacle in this tunnel.

To the west of the mutated bloodveld cavern are two logs spawns. Players are able to access a bait fishing spot in the cavern to the east of the mutated bloodveld, where you can catch raw cave eels.

The laboratories contain:

Only the mutated bloodveld are aggressive, but a skeletal hand may appear from underground at any time in the dungeon. These monsters, with the exception of the basic bloodveld, are all stronger versions of different Slayer monsters (The mutated bloodveld is a stronger version of the bloodveld, and the skeletal hands and zombie hands are stronger versions of the crawling hand). They require the same slayer level to kill as their weaker versions. If you are given their weaker version for a Slayer task, these monsters can be killed instead for more slayer experience, or if you just want a challenge.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

Meiyerditch LaboratoriesHair of the DogCanifisFairy ringMort Myre SwampIn Search of the MyrequeShortcutsLegacy of SeergazeBlood AltarMeiyerditchDrakan's medallionGiant ratDeadly red spiderDog (NPC)GoblinHobgoblinBloodveldMutated bloodveldZombie handSkeletal handZombie handSkeletal handMutated bloodveldBloodveldGiant ratGiant ratGiant ratGiant ratDeadly red spiderGiant ratGiant ratGiant ratDog (NPC)Deadly red spiderDeadly red spiderGoblinHobgoblinHobgoblinGoblinGoblinDeadly red spiderMeiyerditch Laboratories map.png

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 17 October 2016 (Update):
    • The wall kit sinking in the Hollows cave has been fixed.
  • patch 10 August 2009 (Update):
    • Message for climbing ladder out of original Myreque cave has been added to the spam filter.
  • patch 6 May 2009 (Update):
    • Poison and disease hit splats will no longer be stretched when near a wall in the Myreque caves.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • For unknown reasons the dungeon is labelled as Outer Planes on the Task List.