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A medium pouch is a type of Runecrafting pouch that can hold six of either rune essence or pure essence. This item requires level 25 Runecrafting to use, and can be obtained (and reclaimed) for free from Wizard Korvak in the Runecrafting Guild (requires 50 Runecrafting to enter).

After its 44th use, the pouch will degrade and hold only three essence. To repair the pouch so it can hold the maximum of six essence again, you must speak to the dark mage located in the centre of the Abyss. Alternatively, you can destroy and reclaim the pouch from Wizard Korvak.

Players with level 36 Archaeology can activate the Pouch Protector relic power at the mysterious monolith to prevent all pouches from degrading.

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The pouch is only dropped if you do not already own it and own the small pouch. You do not need level 25 Runecrafting to obtain it.

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