Medium bladed rune salvage

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Medium bladed rune salvage detail.png

Medium bladed rune salvage is a salvage item introduced with the Mining and Smithing rework. Salvage has no use other than disassembly, alchemy, or trading.

Medium bladed rune salvage is worth 24,000 coins in high level alchemy. When dropped by a monster, it can automatically be alchemised by a spring cleaner 2000 or higher at the cost of a spring (19,055 coins profit); alternatively it can be automatically disassembled for free by a spring cleaner 3000 or higher. Because it does not use a spring, automatic disassembly does not advance the spring cleaner towards its next upgrade. Dismantle mode does not work on salvage items.

When the rework was launched, the following items on monster drop tables were replaced with medium bladed rune salvage:

Medium bladed rune salvage can also be bought from Elof for 30 rune item tokens.

Drop sources[edit source]

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Adamant dragon116 Multicombat.png13/128P2P icon.png
Ancient ranger103 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Angry barbarian spirit106 Multicombat.png11/256P2P icon.png
Berserk barbarian spirit106 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Black dragon100 Multicombat.png11/256P2P icon.png
Blissful shadow112 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Bronze dragon86 Multicombat.png11/256P2P icon.png
Cabbagemancer105 Multicombat.png1UnknownP2P icon.png
Chaos Giant126 Multicombat.png12/100P2P icon.png
Chest (magic axe hut)23 Thieving-icon.png1Very rareN/A
Cockroach soldier36 Multicombat.png11/256F2P icon.png
Cockroach worker30 Multicombat.png1UnknownF2P icon.png
Crystal Shapeshifter112 Multicombat.png14/128P2P icon.png
Customs evidence files63 Thieving-icon.png1RareN/A
Dagon'hai Monk77 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Enraged barbarian spirit106 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Exiled kalphite guardian98 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Exiled kalphite marauder98; 107 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Ferocious barbarian spirit106 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Fire giant85 Multicombat.png11/256F2P icon.png
Frost dragon112 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Gargoyle93 Multicombat.png13/128P2P icon.png
General Graardor Normal624 Multicombat.png1CommonP2P icon.png
Giant skeleton (Tarn's Lair)84 Multicombat.png1UnknownP2P icon.png
Glacor112 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Gladius91 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Gold keyN/A Gold key1UncommonN/A
Gorilla akh111 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Ivory Bre'egth (cursed)82 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Ivory Gromblod (cursed)82 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Ivory Shredflesh (cursed)82 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
K'ril Tsutsaroth98; 650 Multicombat.png1CommonP2P icon.png
King Black Dragon276 Multicombat.png1UncommonF2P icon.png
Kree'arra Normal580 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Kurask78 Multicombat.png12/128P2P icon.png
Locust rider75 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Manifest shadow126 Multicombat.png13/138P2P icon.png
Mature grotworm98 Multicombat.png13/128P2P icon.png
Monkey knife fighter70 Thieving-icon.png1Very rareN/A
Mummy (Jaldraocht Pyramid)77 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Mummy (Ullek)74 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Mutated bloodveld91; 95 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Nechryael (elite)106 Multicombat.png1Very rareP2P icon.png
Ninja impling74 Hunter-icon.png1UncommonN/A
Ninja impling jarN/A Reward1UncommonN/A
Red dragon84 Multicombat.png11/175F2P icon.png
Revenant demon84 Multicombat.png111/1024F2P icon.png
Reward casket (hard)Hard Reward casket (hard)1CommonN/A
Salawa akh106 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Shade Catacombs/RewardsN/A Reward1VariesN/A
Shade Catacombs/RewardsN/A Reward1UncommonN/A
Silver key blackN/A Silver key black1UncommonN/A
Silver key brownN/A Silver key brown1UncommonN/A
Silver key crimsonN/A Silver key crimson1UncommonN/A
Silver key purpleN/A Silver key purple1UncommonN/A
Silver key redN/A Silver key red1UncommonN/A
Skeleton brute88 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Skeleton heavy89 Multicombat.png1Very rareP2P icon.png
Skeleton hero74 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Skeleton thug85 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Skeleton warlord91 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Spiritual mage49; 98 Multicombat.png16/128P2P icon.png
Spiritual warrior49; 98 Multicombat.png12/128P2P icon.png
Treasure TrailsN/A Treasure Trails1CommonN/A
Truthful shadow98 Multicombat.png111/256P2P icon.png
Undead troll77; 81; 86; 95 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
Wyvern127 Multicombat.png(noted)13/128P2P icon.png
Wyvern (elite)133 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Zamorak warrior61; 65 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Both of the items converted into this salvage before the Mining & Smithing rework only required two bars and had high alchemy values closer to small bladed rune salvage.