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# Title blacklist - Keywords that never need be included in a title. Ever.
# Common Screenshot program name formats
^File:.*(Screen ?shot|Schermafbeelding).*
^File:Ss .*
# Prevents dates being used for file names 
# Prevent common camera/cameraphone default file names (rare to want images from a camera anyway)
# Prevent wordless filenames
# Prevent personal images
^File:M[ey] armou?r
^File:Me+( .*)?\.(jpe?g|gif|png|svg)
# Prevent mod impersonation
# Handled by abusefilter too
User:Mod.* <newaccountonly>
# Prevent any website names
# Prevent uploading images with Jagex Wiki name formatting
# Prevent people from redundantly giving this image to the wiki
# Prevent uploads of old versions of images with their FilePath name
# Prevent uploads of resized images with their FilePath name
# Prevent poorly named teaser image names
^File:Teaser [0-9]+\.(png|jpe?g|gif)$
# Prevent alloneword file names when they don't need to be all one word; 16 should be a safe threshold
^File:[^ ]{16,}\.(png|jpe?g|gif)$ <reupload|errmsg=alloneword-warning>
# Prevent all CAPSLOCK file names
^File:[^a-z]+\.([Pp](ng|NG)|[Gg](if|IF)|[Jj](pe?g|PE?G)) <casesensitive|errmsg=capslock-warning|reupload>
# Spree of recent vandalism
mar[ck] ?(donald|burger)
# Prevent IP user pages
# Only admins should be uploading font files
^File:.*\.(ttf|woff|eot)$ <errmsg=font-warning>
# Spree of recent vandalism (uploading from tumblr?)

# we don't use portable infoboxes; stop anons/etc creating them