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Mat'ahar'i was a human follower of Ikov who lived in the Third Age and worked as a spy for Armadyl.

As a representative of the Ikovians, Mat'ahar'i was sent to Everlight to participate in the Dominion Games as the Icyene had extended it to their allies; their true motive was to bring back some everlight silvthril samples for Howl to work with. Mat'ahar'i successfully smuggled some everlight silvthril to Howl, netted a Silver Dominion medal during the games and stole some identification papers to identify themselves as a Saradominist for the next part of the plan.

Howl then tasked Mat'ahar'i to obtain several warforged bronze samples from Warforge. Warforge was a Bandosian installation that trained goblins who were then sold to other gods as mercenaries. [1] As Armadyl's beliefs made him a natural enemy of Bandos, the Saradominist identity gave Mat'ahar'i moderate protection from the Bandosians at Warforge, and they requested goblin mercenaries. [2]

The violence of Warforge gave Mat'ahar'i much concern, as the violence held in there caused them to be on high alert, as a simple mistake would likely mean death by participating in one of their "games". Fortunately, they were able to find samples from broken weapons and pocketed them. Mat'ahar'i's "order" of goblins was finally processed; the spy acquired the goblins of the "strong spears" - the Dorgeshuun, and deployed them to the far east. Although inclined to travel with them, Mat'ahar'i decided against it as being caught in the open could be problematic, and wondered what their fate would be when they realised they were not going to a fight and had no further orders. [3]

Upon bringing back samples of warforged bronze, Howl then tasked Mat'ahar'i with acquiring hellfire metal, which was tricky as demons out on the field were rare, and when they died, their weapons melted from the heat. The spy was able to infiltrate the Order of Dis, although it took them a decade to gain their trust and enter the Infernal Source. [4] They were terrified of all of the demons they saw, and their task was to bring a message to Dagon the Gatekeeper. Mat'ahar'i gave the message to him, pitying him because he was chained while his demon brethren were roaming freely. Seeing the hellfire forge near Dagon, Mat'ahar'i quickly pocketed some hellfire metal and quickly left, wishing to never return to the Source again. [5]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mat'ahar'i's name is a reference to Mata Hari, a woman who spied for Germany during World War I.

References[edit | edit source]

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