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Masterwork music box detail.png

A masterwork music box is an item available at Solomon's General Store for 120 RuneCoins (or 108 with the members' 10% discount). When placed by a player, it can be interacted with by dancing or listening to it. It plays an unlisted, upbeat swing track, emulating a vinyl record on a record player. The track ends with an abrupt looping of the last seconds of the track followed by a record scratch. It cannot be placed down in the Grand Exchange or too close to a divination harvesting spot.

Unlike the Achievement banner, another placeable item from Solomon's General Store, the Masterwork music box leaves your inventory when placed on the ground. It will remain in place after logging out and, if lost, can be retrieved from Diango in Draynor Village.

Occasionally the player will still hear the record playing after they stop listening or dancing and even if they leave the area completely. This is most likely a glitch.

Dancing at a music box
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Party Music Box
The unlisted music track played while interacting with a music box