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A Master Farmer is a farmer who cannot be attacked and can only be acted on by pickpocketing. It takes level 38 Thieving to pickpocket them. If the theft is successful, then the player will receive 43 Thieving experience and a random seed or seeds, excluding tree and fruit tree seeds. If the theft attempt fails, then the player is stunned for three seconds and takes damage depending on current life points, from 30 up to 250 life points.

A player with level 39 Thieving can gain around 20,000 experience an hour, while a player with 99 Thieving and a thieving outfit (excluding full master camouflage outfit as this does not allow pick-pocketing with a full inventory when the double pickpocket effect triggers) can gain in excess of 150,000 experience an hour. Lower level players or non-combat accounts looking for easy seeds can safely pickpocket these at a higher Thieving level.

To minimise junk seeds one can fill their inventory with the desired seeds as, providing the master camouflage outfit outfit is not worn, you can continue pick-pocketing with a full inventory. Master Farmers are a good source for Allotment, Flower, and Hop seeds. The seedicide item effect will work to automatically destroy any pickpocketed seeds specified, although no experience is given for this effect.

Thieving level38 Thieving-icon.pngThieving XP43 XPStun time / damage4.8s / 30 lp
Double loot48 Thieving-icon.png
38 Agility-icon.png
Triple loot58 Thieving-icon.png
48 Agility-icon.png
Quadruple loot68 Thieving-icon.png
58 Agility-icon.png
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Locations[edit | edit source]

Master farmers can be found:

West of Ardougne lodestone
Draynor Village
North of Lumbridge Market
South of Varrock

Notable Master Farmers[edit | edit source]

Seed drops[edit | edit source]

Allotments[edit | edit source]

Hops[edit | edit source]

Bushes[edit | edit source]

Flowers[edit | edit source]

Herbs[edit | edit source]

Special[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 17 September 2018 (Update):
    • The Hive Mind of Master Farmers and Olivia the Seed Merchant has been broken up and she will only know if you have pickpocketed Martin recently.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Master Farmers speak with a Cockney accent.