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Massive pouches are Runecrafting pouches that can hold 18 pure essence, for use in the Runecrafting skill. This item requires level 90 Runecrafting to use; boosts will not work. It can be bought from Wizard Finix in front of the Runecrafting Guild for 1,000 Runespan points.

The Repair Rune Pouch spell has no effect on the massive pouch. When it reaches its limit of 42 uses, it will crumble to dust with the message "Your massive pouch crumbles to dust as you empty it." Therefore, each massive pouch can hold a maximum of 756 pure essence. The Ethereal outfit's effect that makes pouches last longer does affect this pouch. This effect stacks with the Runecrafter's Catalyst fragment's effect, allowing for well over 100 uses out of a single pouch. When the degrade prevention is triggered, a chat message will appear. The Pouch Protector relic power unlocked with Archaeology will affect the massive pouch, giving it infinite charges.

Unlike the small, medium, large and giant pouches which are obtained through killing abyssal creatures or purchased from Wizard Finix in the runecrafting guild which requires 50 runecrafting to enter, the massive pouch can only be obtained through Runespan. When the pouch is filled it changes to a brighter colour, and is no longer stackable. You can own more than one massive pouch at a time. However, only one pouch can be filled with essence.

Players may purchase the unstable air rune for 250,000 coins from the Travelling Merchant's Shop which may be redeemed for 5,000 Runespan points. At level 90+ Runecrafting you can get upwards of 2600 Runespan points an hour which in turn can increase experience an hour at the Abyss.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 14 October 2019 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue causing massive pouches to empty an incorrect amount of pure essence.
  • patch 11 December 2017 (Update):
    • The tooltip on the massive runecrafting pouch now displays the correct type of rune when filled.