Marmaros and Thok

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M. and thok letter (part 4) detail.png

Marmaros and Thok is one of the many Dungeoneering journal entries that can be found within Daemonheim while training the Dungeoneering skill. These are letters written by the two Fremenniks, Marmaros and Thok, to their younger sister, Bryll, while they are in Daemonheim. The journal entries are dropped by monsters and bosses within the dungeons, and detail the Fremennik expedition into the tunnels and certain monsters which can be encountered there. On very rare occasions, multiple letters from Marmaros and Thok are obtainable from a single monster drop.

The eponymous characters appear on the Daemonheim peninsula, Marmaros selling equipment and Thok acting as the master of Dungeoneering since he is the only one who claims to have reached the bottom (although no one believes him so he cannot/does not wear the skillcape). Marmaros has apparently suffered serious brain damage, presumably from his injuries as recorded in their final letter to Bryll. He sits timidly on the ground rocking back and forth, and can only recall that his name begins with "Ma...". He seems to have been 'stomped' (as stated by Thok) by the Hope Devourer (hinted at in Postbag from the Heim).

After finding all ten of the M. And Thok letters a new chat option appears when speaking to Thok (and by extension, Marmaros) which helps to somewhat refresh the memories of both men about the events they went through at the bottom of Daemonheim.

Letter Found on floor
M. and thok letter (part 1) Frozen floors 1-5
M. and thok letter (part 2) Frozen floors 6-11
M. and thok letter (part 3) Abandoned 1 floors 12-14
M. and thok letter (part 4) Abandoned 1 floors 15-17
M. and thok letter (part 5) Furnished floors 18-22
M. and thok letter (part 6) Furnished floors 23-29
M. and thok letter (part 7) Occult floors 36-40
M. and thok letter (part 8) Occult foors 42-47
M. and thok letter (part 9) Warped floors 48-53
M. and thok letter (part 10) Warped floors 54-60

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