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The Marketing Team are a group of people at Jagex responsible for managing the company's marketing and stablishing relations with the exterior world and other companies.

Members[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Role Employed in
Mod Luna.jpg Mod Luna Publishing Partnership Manager 2014
Mod Mac.jpg Mod Mac Marketing Manager
N/A Mod CatFist Digital Product Manager
Mod Tink.jpg Mod Tink Facilities Coordinator
Mod MIC.jpg Mod MIC Senior Product Manager
Mod Rogue.jpg Mod Rogue Head of Esports and Strategic Partnerships 8 July 2019[1]
N/A Mod Kandosii Product Marketing Manager 29 July 2018
N/A Mod Banjo Editorial Manager 23 July 2018
Mod Lottie.jpg Mod Lottie Senior Product Analyst
N/A Mod Bolton Head of Influencer[2]
N/A Mod Ditto Junior Product Analyst 2020
Mod Zarella.jpg Mod Zarella N/A
N/A Mod Bam Head of RuneScape Product Marketing
N/A Mod Caldera Jagex & RuneScape Marketing
N/A Mod TaSeti Email Marketing Manager
N/A Mod Claire B N/A
N/A Mod Jay N/A
N/A Mod Westie N/A

Former[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Role Employed in Left in
Mod Sayln.jpg Mod Sayln Product Owner 3 April 2013[3] September 2018
Mod Scorpio.jpg Mod Scorpio Writer 2018
Mod Mat K.jpg Mod Mat K Product Owner 2005 May 2019[4]
Mod Stone.png Mod Stone Marketing Manager 17 December 2018
N/A Mod Luiz Community Manager 2009 September 2017
N/A Mod Mikeyy Email Marketing Manager 2017
N/A Mod Cookie Marketing Designer September 2021
Mod Meds.jpg Mod Meds Digital Marketing Manager November 2018 26 May 2021

References[edit | edit source]

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