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The Market Price Guides are a group of different tutors that are stationed around the outer rim of the Grand Exchange. The Market Price Guides give players pricing information about different items and materials such as herbs, logs, weapons and armour. Here is a list of the different tutors and what they specialize in:

Hofuthand the dwarf is an expert in armour and weapons. He can tell you the prices of individual items or complete sets of armour.

Bob has come all the way from Ardougne to buy and sell herbs. He can tell you the prices of many tradeable herbs, clean or grimy, as well as decanting your various dose potions for you.

Hailing from Shilo Village, Relobo uses his people's extensive knowledge of trees to track the prices of common logs, which he is more than happy to share with you.

Farid is the son of the infamous Ali Morrisane of Al Kharid. His specialty is ores, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable man or boy.

Matt is a pirate who keeps track of the price of runes. He can decant enchanted jewellery with multiple charges into one jewellery with more charges. E.g. 2 ring of wealth with 1 charge are decanted into 1 ring of wealth with two charges. This is much like Bob's decanting system.