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This article is about the guard found in Draynor Village. For the Fremennik guards, see Market Guard (Fremennik). For the Market guard found during the From Tiny Acorns caper, see Market guard (Varrock).

The Market Guards are guards found in Draynor Village, Taverley and Catherby. Unlike regular guards these guards cannot be pickpocketed. One market guard is seen in the Draynor Bank Robbery video attacking Cool Mom227 after she stole from a seed stall.

It is possible to trap them in Wise Old Man's house, which prevents them from interfering from theft in the Draynor market stalls.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Market Guards also attack as if they were using a crush weapon, like a mace or pickaxe, yet they wield a longsword.
  • It is possible that the Market Guards are mercenaries as they can be found in both the Draynor Village Market, Taverley Market and Catherby Market.
Facts about "Market Guard"
All Combat experience66.9 +
All Combat level42 +
All Is members onlytrue +
All NPC ID2,236 +
All Release dateJune 6, 2005 +
Combat experience66.9 +
Combat level42 +
Is members onlytrue +
Location restrictionsurface +
Monster JSON{"ranged":1,"aff_melee&#3
{"ranged":1,"aff_melee":55,"immune_to_drain":false,"aff_ranged":45,"acc_ranged":0,"acc_magic":0,"immune_to_deflect":false,"max_melee":150,"defence":30,"max_ranged":0,"id":2236,"armour":454,"immune_to_stun":false,"acc_melee":454,"name":"Market Guard","max_spec":0,"attack":30,"release_date":"6 June 2005","aff_magic":65,"examine":"He guards the Draynor Market stalls from thieves.","aggressive":false,"release_update_post":"Seeds, Bankspace And Advisors","aff_weakness":90,"style":"[[File:Attack-icon.png¦25px¦link=Melee]]","lifepoints":1500,"max_magic":0,"members":"Yes","weakness":"[[File:Air weakness icon.png¦25px¦link=Air spells]]","level":42,"magic":1,"poisonous":false,"immune_to_poison":false,"experience":66.9}
#34;:false,"experience":66.9} +
NPC ID2,236 +
NPC attack styleFile:Attack-icon.png +
NPC attack style textmelee +
NPC life points1,500 +
Release dateJune 6, 2005 +
WeaknessFile:Air weakness icon.png +
Weakness by classmagic +
Weakness textair +