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The marasamaw plant is used in the Herblore Habitat and on Anachronia. They can be laid on the ground to trap jadinkos through Hunter. On the ground, they can be investigated and picked in a similar way as box traps. If the plant fails to catch a jadinko, it will become a Wilted Marasamaw plant, and if a jadinko is successfully caught, it will become a Shaking Marasamaw plant.

Animals[edit | edit source]

Herblore Habitat[edit source]

Jadinko Picture Hunter level Exp Primary drop Vine Usage Possible 2nd drop
Common Common jadinko.png 70 200 Withered vine Trap bait Any type of seed
Igneous Igneous jadinko.png 74 500 Marble vine Juju farming potion Vine bush seeds
Cannibal Cannibal jadinko.png 75 510 Plant teeth Juju cooking potion Vine bush seeds
Aquatic Aquatic jadinko.png 76 570 Aquatic vine Juju fishing potion Vine blossom seeds
Amphibious Amphibious jadinko.png 77 450 Oily vine Juju woodcutting potion Fruit tree seeds
Carrion Carrion jadinko.png 78 635 Pungent vine Supercompost Vine herb seeds
Draconic Draconic jadinko.png 80 554 Draconic vine Juju mining potion Vine herb seeds
Saradomin Saradomin jadinko.png 81 453 Saradomin vine Saradomin's blessing Any type of seed
Guthix Guthix jadinko.png 81 453 Guthix vine Guthix's gift Any type of seed
Zamorak Zamorak jadinko.png 81 453 Zamorak vine Zamorak's favour Any type of seed

Anachronia[edit source]

Jadinko Image Hunter level Hunter experience Juju hunter potion Primary drop Possible 2nd drop
Common jadinko icon.png Common Common jadinko.png 80 200 X mark.svg Withered vine Any type of seed
Shadow jadinko icon.png Shadow Shadow jadinko.png 81 473 X mark.svg Shadow vine Any type of seed
Igneous jadinko icon.png Igneous Igneous jadinko.png 84 500 X mark.svg Marble vine Vine bush seeds
Cannibal jadinko icon.png Cannibal Cannibal jadinko.png 85 510 Yes check.svg Plant teeth Vine bush seeds
Aquatic jadinko icon.png Aquatic Aquatic jadinko.png 86 570 Yes check.svg Aquatic vine Vine flower seeds
Amphibious jadinko icon.png Amphibious Amphibious jadinko.png 87 450 X mark.svg Oily vine Fruit tree seeds
Carrion jadinko icon.png Carrion Carrion jadinko.png 88 635 X mark.svg Pungent vine Vine herb seeds
Diseased jadinko icon.png Diseased Diseased jadinko.png 88 500 X mark.svg Corrupt vine Any type of seed
Camouflaged jadinko icon.png Camouflaged Camouflaged jadinko.png 89 515 Yes check.svg Striped vine Any type of seed
Draconic jadinko icon.png Draconic Draconic jadinko.png 90 554 Yes check.svg Draconic vine Vine herb seeds

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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Disassembly[edit | edit source]

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 8 July 2019 (Update):
    • Wilted marasamaw plants now have a rebuild option, akin to box traps.
    • The check option when a marasamaw trap is in the middle of catching something has been removed, as it didn’t do anything and just lead to frustration and confusion. The option will now only appear when the trap is ready to check.