Map:Varrock Sewers

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Varrock SewersShortcutsEdgeville DungeonVarrock Sewers resource dungeonGrizzly bearVarrockGrimesquitPhingspetGiant rat (level 7)Giant rat (level 9)Zombie (level 12)ScorpionGhostZombie (level 29)SkeletonGiant spider (level 33)Giant spider (level 2)Deadly red spiderMoss giantGrimesquitPhingspetGiant rat (level 9)Giant rat (level 7)Giant rat (level 9)Giant rat (level 7)Zombie (level 12)Zombie (level 12)Giant rat (level 9)Giant rat (level 9)Zombie (level 12)Zombie (level 12)ScorpionScorpionGhostGhostGhostZombie (level 29)SkeletonSkeletonGiant spider (level 2)Giant spider (level 2)Giant spider (level 33)Giant spider (level 33)Giant spider (level 33)Deadly red spiderMoss giantMoss giantMoss giantMoss giantVarrock Sewers map.png