Map:Prifddinas scan

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Prifddinas scan.png

Crwys, on outcrop south of Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing Shop
Crwys, South-east of elder tree patch
At eastern entrance
Trahaearn, next to adamantite ore rocks
Trahaearn, south-east of seren stones
South-west of the entrance gate
Just south of the entrance gate
South-east of the entrance gate, south-west of monument
South-east of the entrance gate, south-east of monument
Iorwerth, west of manor
Iorwerth, south of musician
Amlodd, south of Daffyd's house
Amlodd, on island east of Daffyd's house
Ithell, next to the crystal-flecked sandstone
Hefin, near light creature
Hefin, south-east of cathedral
Meilyr, south-east of fruit tree patch
Meilyr, west of Gorajo hoardstalker dungeon