Map:Kharidian Desert East scan

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Kharidian Desert East scan.png

Just north of Nardah
East of rocks just north-east of Nardah
North of most northeastern building in Nardah
North-east of Nardah
North-west of the single rock north-east of Nardah
North of Nardah, close to rocks
South-east of fairy ring
South-west of desert lizards
South of fairy ring
North-east of two palm trees on coast east of Pollnivneach
East of Pollnivneach
North-east of Pollnivneach
North-east of Pollnivneach, just west of cactus
North of fairy ring
South-west of Uzer Mastaba
South-west of rocks west of Uzer Mastaba
West of Uzer Mastaba
North-west of Uzer Mastaba
South-west of oasis
North-west of oasis
North of oasis
North of Uzer Mastaba
North-east of Uzer Mastaba
Inside southwestern house in Uzer
Inside central house in Uzer
East of Uzer
North-east of Uzer
East of Uzer flying carpet
South-east of Citharede Abbey
South of Citharede Abbey
Next to entrance to eagle transport system
North-west of Uzer Hunter mine
South-west of north-eastern mine
South-east of north-western mine
Midway between Dominion Tower and the ruins of Uzer
West of Uzer
North-east of Hunter training icon
North-east of Dominion Tower
North of Dominion Tower
East of Dominion Tower
South of Hunter training icon
South-west of Dominion Tower
South of Dominion Tower
North-west of desert lizards
In the middle of the desert lizards
North of desert lizards
West of the fairy ring
North of Nardah, mid-way to the group of rocks.
East of Uzer Hunter mine
On the shore north-east of Pollnivneach, on the other side of River Elid. Six paces north of the northern Kharidian cacti
West of the Uzer Hunter mine