Map:Kharazi Jungle scan

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Kharazi Jungle scan.png

On ridge south-east of Shilo Village
On ridge in north-east corner of jungle
South of taskmaster, in north-east corner of jungle
North-east corner of jungle
Eastern side of the jungle
West of Herblore Habitat
Eastern side of the jungle, south-west of Herblore Habitat bush patch
In south-east corner of jungle
On peninsula south of eastern edge of jungle
North-west of eastern rare trees map icon
West of eastern rare trees map icon
On the peninsula south-east of the western rare tree map icon
South-east of water pool
Just east of water pool
In centre of the jungle, east of water pool and totem pole
On ridge south of the bank
On ridge south-east of general store
On ridge south of general store
South-west of the musician
South-west corner of jungle
On ridge in north-west corner of jungle
In north-west corner of jungle, near coastline
5 steps from the western coastline
On peninsula south of western edge of jungle
South-west of western rare trees map icon
North-eastern part of the jungle, in the middle of three jungle plants