Map:Heart of Gielinor scan

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Heart of Gielinor scan.png

South-west of the entrance platform
South-east of slope to Vindicta
Between two platforms north-east of Zaros'bastion
North-west of the portal in Zaros's Bastion
South of slope to Vindicta
Just south-east of tents, north-east of first threshold to Vindicta
Just south of tents, north-east of first threshold to Vindicta
North-west of The Heart
South-west of Zamorak's rampart, west of node
Just east of tents, south of Zamorak's rampart
Near 3 tents, south-east of first threshold to Twin Furies
North-west of The Heart, south-east of Zamorak's Rampart
North of The Heart (left side)
North of The Heart (right side)
South-west of slope to Gregorovic area
West of first threshold to Gregorovic
North-east of The Heart, north of node
Directly east of Telos entrance
West of slope to Helwyr area
East of slope to Helwyr area
Next to Helwyr banner
South-west of The Heart, just east of the stairs leading to Zaros's Bastion
North of the portal in Zamorak's Rampart
In Seren's Encampment, south between two tents, in the middle of the eastern one
In Sliske's Necropolis, lower level south-east of the northern node and three paces east of the banner on the upper level.
Directly east of Telos entrance, two paces north-west of another location nearby