Map:Dorgeshkaan scan

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Dorgesh Kaan scan.png

Lower level, inside the bank
Lower level, south-east of group of fountains
Lower level, centre of marketplace
Lower level, south-east of marketplace
Lower level, inside isolated room east of marketplace
Lower level, outside Barlark's room
Lower level, south of marketplace
Lower level, by the furnace
Lower level, inside isolated room south of marketplace
Lower level, east of sandpit
Lower level, in the southern part of the level, east of building with range and sink, by the staircase
Lower level, inside southeastern room
Upper level, south-east corner
Upper level, outside large rectangular empty building
Upper level, south of nursery
Upper level, north of Ur-tag's house
Upper level, west of Council chamber
Upper level, outside house in north-west corner
Upper level, inside western house
Upper level, near train station