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Manual Auto-cycles are found in the centre of The Empty Throne Room. Players can pedal on them to power the Refinatrix.

Cycling on an Auto-cycle requires 65 Agility, and gives Agility experience every 1.8 seconds. This 3.8 experience at a time is received normally, but this amount is ten times higher (38.2 experience) if using an empowered Auto-cycle. Two of the Auto-cycles are operated by workers, but these can be ridden as well.

As the empowered Auto-cycle changes quite consistently, it is possible to perform this task semi-afk by setting a timer at an interval of ~41.41 seconds to ring, giving enough time to change the cycle and profit off the 900% experience boost. (This is the timer as of May 13th, 2020, updated from the 1:00-1:04 minute timer used previously.)

It takes 5.4 seconds (9 ticks) to dismount the auto-cycle before you can click the next one; setting a metronome to 100bpm and clicking with a 9 beat gap will allow you to get onto the next auto-cycle without wasted clicks.

This is the fastest known method of collecting both Strange and Golden Agility Rocks.

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  • patch 18 November 2019 (Update):
    • Switching worn objects whilst on agility bikes will now correctly dismount the player from the bike.
    • Grammatical error has been corrected when examining Manual Auto-cycle in the empty throne room.