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Manni the Reveller is a Fremennik drinking in the Rellekka Long Hall Bar in Rellekka. He is a member of the council of elders and has a seat at the Champions Table, a position he earnt for his part in over 5000 battles and raids.[1] Despite the honour, he is unhappy, as he dislikes the music and beer and longs for the glory days, and only remained for so long as he wanted to taste Thora's legendary cocktail.[2] When an outlander managed to convince Thora to create the cocktail for him, he gladly gave up his champions token, allowing Thorvald the Warrior to take his place.

As a member of the council, he can vouch for those undergoing the Fremennik Trials to gain membership to the clan. He judges those he considers to be worthy via a drinking contest: should they manage to withstand drinking a keg of beer better than he can, he will vote for them to join the clan, though he gets rather drunk himself in the process, slurring his words and being unable to recall the name of the council.[3] He sobers up after each attempt by drinking a coffee.[4] He will gladly buy those who earn his respect a beer.

Manni also organises feasts from time to time, occasionally bringing in a heroic helper to aid him. He tried to organise a feast to celebrate the upcoming birthday of Brundt the Chieftain. He asked an outlander who he had previously vouched for to invite King Vargas and Mawnis Burowgar, old friends of Brundt's, only to receive rude rejections citing an incident that happened 15 years ago. The outlander managed to decipher the cause of the incident, repairing the relationship of the three warriors and gathering them for the feast. Manni gave them a book about fighting that had been in his family for generations but which he had no use for.[5]

When the Fremennik her god V returned, Manni recalled a tale of how V had ordered a celebratory feast when he left his people, inspired by a monkey goddess who had done something similar.

He was also present at the Heimland Games, where he wore a Santa hat. He challenged Sir Amik Varze to a drinking contest, which he won.

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References[edit | edit source]

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