Malignant Enigmas

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Malignant Enigmas is an achievement that requires the group to kill 18 shadow enigmas in 6 seconds.

This achievement can be completed in story mode as well as in normal mode.

This achievement unlocks as soon as it is completed. It does not require the completion of the Seiryu the Azure Serpent encounter. This achievement can only be done in a group as in solo the maximum number of enigmas in each wave is 12 and they don't last till the next wave.

The achievement is unlocked for everyone in the group at the same time. All players must stay on the platform below in order to spawn enough enigmas. If any player jumps up to the crystals, not enough enigmas will spawn. One tactic to then get the achievement is by using a combination of area of effect abilities such as detonate, dragon breath, tsunami, and chain in order to kill off the enigmas quickly.